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» » Cold Fire(Audiobook Edition)
Cold Fire(Audiobook Edition)


Dean R. Koontz


Cold Fire(Audiobook Edition)


Literature & Fiction

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Readers Chair; Unabridged edition (March 1, 1991)




Genre Fiction

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Cold Fire(Audiobook Edition) by Dean R. Koontz

Jim Ironheart, a schoolteacher, and Holly Thorne, a reporter, search for the source of Jim's sudden and unexpected psychic power.
I like the new Koontz. Some will say the story is not good because this is a new and gentler Koontz but I like him!. This story is about a man who is driven to save some people through an inexplicable psychic communication. He gives up everything to follow what he thinks might be his Godly communications. A reporter is at the scene of one of his rescues and is intrigued. She tries to interview him but gets nothing substantial. She takes vacation time to investigate him and how he knows where to go and who to save. Their lives intertwine and she pushes him to investigate the psychic communications and why they pick certain people over certain others. The answer is a surprise to both of them.
I loved that I did not know what was going to happen next and I could not guess the ending, so often I can. I like it when a writer does not follow the rules both in books and in movies! My favorite Harrison Ford movie, the one where he is the bad guy! I don't understand why people are so set on deadlines either? I mean how much more pleasant would the experience be if the author, painter, or whatever the case may be, did not have a deadline and could take their time to hone their work? Look at some of the greatest (or at least astounding) works that surely did not follow any deadline? The Sistine chapel, the great wall of China? What wonders could some of these gifted people do with the resources and no time constraints?
ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ
Much too wordy, this does not seem like the Dean Koontz I used to read - is he trying to impress with with vocabulary?
It ranks down near the bottom of my experiences reading Dean Koontz novels. The opening few chapters had some promise, but it goes downhill when the character Holly gets involved...and becomes a very bad soap opera.
While it made a good start after I read first few pages from a borrowed library book and then purchased its digital version, as it reaches towards the end, it became too much detailed and conversation oriented, something that I don’t consider a page turner or suspense quality. Honestly, I skimmed through last 25 part of the book so that I can finish it fast.

Everyone has their own taste of book reading but not something that I would like to go again with.
I love the way Koontz makes you really like the characters & he sets up the story so you think you know what’s going on but then he cleverly twists it around & nothing is what it seems. Then he makes you worry that maybe the characters you really care about aren’t going to get out alive. I can’t put it down, I love it.
I don't think that Cold Fire was better than other Koontz favorites such as Intensity or Watchers, but it was good reading for sure! The writer manages to mesh the world or reality with some pure Science-Fiction yet it makes for a believable story.

Basically the book is about two people; Jim Ironheart who somehow is told about future accidents and Holly Thorne, a reporter who had an encounter with him and couldn't get him out of her mind.

Jim was a tough but smart and likable character from the first page while he saved lives and collected female hearts. I perceived him almost as a knight in shining armor who rode on a cool motorcycle and not a white horse; as he was modern and clever while he knew all kinds of martial arts and read books about all religions of the world.

Holly was single and in her thirties, whit a straight head on her shoulders and a cool attitude without trying to hard, and even though through the book you know that Jim doesn't want any distractions as we read how he saves some lives, while Holly was such a great character it was obvious that them coming together would make for more interesting reading.

As we are introduced to Jim, we know he is troubled by something evil that haunts his dreams with the forewarning of The Enemy coming. Where Holly comes in is when she wants to know as much about him as possible, she gets trapped in his nightmares, to the point where she has to dig to the bottom of his mysterious prophecies and disturbing dreams in order to save both their lives.

From the middle of the books, thing turn from fantastic to even weirder. You cannot imagine where the ending takes you. I personally felt gratified by the ending; it was a good one, while not being ordinary at all.

Great read that keeps your attention as the thick plot unravels in delicious tangles of mystery.
It started out great...then I found it got what seemed to be silly. I finished the book, mainly because I wanted to see how he got through it. Not recommended as one of his more interesting stories. "Watchers" is still the winner!!

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