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» » This Magic Moment
This Magic Moment


This Magic Moment


Literature & Fiction

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Imprint unknown; Large print e. edition (August 2004)





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This Magic Moment

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This Magic Moment
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This Magic Moment
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I am a huge Nora Roberts J D Robb fan. This book was promoted as a new release, but I didn't realize it was a re-release of an earlier work. Although the storyline was good, it is clear that Roberts hadn't honed her amazing skill in character development yet when she originally wrote this one. It was a little disappointing.
An female executive that does not have a good relationship with her father, who is the CEO of their entertainment company and a world class magician that ill not compromise his illusions for anyone, is the premise of this story. The female is sent to obtain the magician's signature on a made for TV show and get caught in a torrential rain storm, and is forced to spend the night at his home.
As the story progresses the two find love between them. The magician will only sign the contract if the female is in charge of producing, a position she has never done before.
The story continues with them haggling each other about the show and in particular the final illusion. The female ends up making somewhat of a peace with her father and leaves for a while after the last illusion of the show, only to return after she realizes she loves him.
Another great story by this author that is informal to the reader and easy to folllow.
I enjoyed the book alot. It's recommended as a read for everyone. I love anything that Nora Roberts writes. She has a way to pull you into the story so I don't want to put the book down.
Ryan is a woman who did everything she could to please for her father, owner of the very successful Swan Productions. Ryan even went in her father's place to obtain the signature of the dark and mysterious magician for a TV magic show. Pierce has never allowed cameras to film his illusions or escapes to protect his secrets, but makes an exception for Ryan Swan. Nora Roberts spins a tale of learning to trust in the most romantic way. Sexy enough to curl your toes. I couldn't put it down.
A little less enthralling and not as well written as some of the other Nora Roberts books I listened to. I am a big fan of hers, but this one was a little disappointing, although you can't really go wrong with her work. Maybe one of her early works.
Roberts is one of my many favorites. She has a way of showing characters at their very best or worst. Here she mixes magic and love, with characters on opposite sides. A standard for her but a delight to discover the story.
Nice book. Enjoyed the suspense
Light and fun read. I like books by nora roberts.
Always a fun read for me.
This was a great book, great characters, loved the bird, Link and Bess! Even the atmosphere and of course Ryan and Pierce

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