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» » Strange Bedpersons
Strange Bedpersons


Madison Vaughn,Jennifer Crusie


Strange Bedpersons


Literature & Fiction

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Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (December 30, 2010)




United States

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Strange Bedpersons by Madison Vaughn,Jennifer Crusie

Tess Newhart knows her ex-boyfriend Nick Jamieson isn’t the right guy for her. He’s caviar and champagne; she’s take-out Chinese pot stickers. He’s an uptight Republican lawyer; she was raised in a commune. He wants to get ahead in business; she just wants…him. But there’s no way Tess will play second fiddle to his job. Yet somehow she finds herself agreeing to play his fiancée on a weekend business trip that could make or break Nick’s career. And while he’s trying to convince Tess that he needs her in his respectable world, Tess is doing her best to keep her opinions to herself and her hands off Nick. “Few popular writers handle light romantic comedy as deftly as Jennifer Crusie.” —Boston Globe on Bet Me
Yes, it's a Harlequin Temptation. Just this once, do not judge a book by its cover. It's also thoughtful, insightful and hysterical in the sense of laugh out loud funny. I have this book in every edition and format.

Our viewpoint characters are an extremely able, ambitious and buttoned-down lawyer and the sort of free-ranging "activist" who seems to have been born with a megaphone in her hand--the most incompatible couple since PRIDE & PREJUDICE. He needs a date for a prospective promotion. She needs something in her life which isn't worn out or broken, and they both have to deal with a possible plagiarism case which could blow up spectacularly. Our back-up characters are his partner--heir to the firm, but out of his depth in a car park puddle--and her room mate, a dancer in serious need of a career easier on her legs--the least educated and far and away the wisest of the four. Can they overcome their different backgrounds and beliefs? Do you even have to ask? And they laugh and learn--well THEY learn and WE laugh--while doing so.

Crusie is always good, and this is Crusie at the top of her game. Buy it.
I did not expect to enjoy Jennifer Crusie's "Strange Bedpersons" as much as I did. But I truly liked it. Several reviewers mentioned that it was a little dated as it was written in 1994. I didn't find that it was, as heck - I know women (and men) who are still living their lives as though it were the 60's (and 70's).
I read this in an afternoon and the novel totally held my attention. The writing by Cruisie was great as usual. The hardest part in reading "Strange Bedpersons" was that maybe I am too much of a realist (not enough of a "romantic")and kept thinking how these couples were going to stay married after a few years? (But I guess that's another story!)
I LOVED the character of Lenny. I thought the entire situation involving him was just so superb. I loved how Tess had played such an important role in his life.
Although "Bet Me" is (thus far) my favorite of Crusie's books - I certainly would recommend this book as well.
I love Crusie's books, and this one was no exception! I liked the huge contrasts between the two main characters. I found Tess to be very endearing, and could easily see how she would become more attractive once you got to know her. As the book played out, you found out more about each character, which explained some of their actions, as well as making them real. Yes, some of the characters are a little over-the-top. But that also makes them stand out -to love or hate.

Overall, it is another good read from Jennifer Crusie.
Excellent! item as described; quick delivery
I love Jennifer Crusie's books. More than anything else, they make me laugh. The heroine is always strong, slightly wacko and extremely entertaining. The frustrated male lead tends to follow along and fix everything in the end. This is another classic Jennifer Crusie, and even as someone who believes in Girl Power and all that it stands for, it's still nice to read about a guy taking care of things every once in a while.
Jennifer Crusie was suggested to me by a friend who loves her books as a light read. She was right, in this book, Jennifer pairs up the unlikeliest of characters...a hippie educator and an attorney wanting to move up. With friends and odd family members, a steady plot with few twists and turns,the book was good without being heavy or thought evoking. I am reading all of Ms. Crusies books and have started with her first one and have noticed her stories improving with each book. This one was perfect as a just before sleep story, and has a good happy ending.
The characters in this story are a bit dated: he's a Republican yuppie lawyer aiming to be made a partner in his law firm, and she's a commune-raised, out-of-work, liberal educator. The book was published in 1994 so that explains it. But even so, this is another funny and entertaining book by Ms. Cruisie, with sharply drawn characters and crisp dialogue.
I intially wasn't drawn to Tess Newhart - she's in her mid-thirties and still living in a thrift-store-furnished apartment, getting involved with protests, etc. My first reaction was "grow up already". But the more I read the more I liked her and felt in sympathy with her. Nick Jamieson is more than the standard smooth-talking lawyer he appears to be, even if it seems as though making partner is his sole goal in life. There is some classic rapid-fire dialogue between Tess and Nick, and the "conversations" Nick has with his secretary Christine are worth the price of the book alone. Secondary plots concern an unsuitable romance between Tess and Nick's best friends (a retired chorus girl and a well-heeled partner in the law firm), and a possible case of literary plagerism.
Tess and Nick's relationship is both humorous and romantic, their sexual encounters are inventive and sensual, and the secondary characters round out the story nicely. This is a book worth finding.
Jennifer Crusie never fails to make me laugh. I was desperate a number of years ago when needing something to read over lunch, and picked up my first Crusie book. I've been a die hard fan ever since. Strange for a guy to like Hqn Romance novels, but Crusie is really funny.

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