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» » The Cardinal Sins
The Cardinal Sins


Andrew M. Greeley


The Cardinal Sins


Literature & Fiction

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Grand Central Pub (April 1, 1981)




United States



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The Cardinal Sins by Andrew M. Greeley

Follows thirty years in the lives of Kevin and Patrick, two Irish Catholic boys from the west side of Chicago, who grow up together and enter the seminary to become priests
An Andrew Greeley book which allows us incite into the workings of the Catholic Church & young men's decisions as to whether or not they have a true calling to the priesthood.
It also shows us the struggles that priest go through, from the beginning of their schooling, throughout their careers. We are also give an open & honest view of the things that took place in the priesthood & the Catholic Church during the period of time in which this book takes place & how the church for years worked to cover them up.
Once again a great book which gives an interesting view into the Catholic Church.
For myself, who has lived within the institution (with some years of hiatus) for over three quarters of a century, this was a very affecting book. My only objection would be that the sudden violence which jolts the plot along and gives it poignancy at several points seems a bit contrived. The joy and pain is more often experienced in "real life" in a much more gradual fashion, though with occasional crises. Ah, but it ain't over till it's over!
Best West
Ho Hum book, though I believe it was a scandal when it was published
This is the 1st novel I ever read at age 16. Now at 54, had to get a hold of my own copy!!!
Very entertaining and provocative as the author mixes desire with boundaries that get broken.
I enjoyed this book because it was goo entertainment. Andrew Greeley creates characters that the reader can relate to and care about. His work carries a spiritual under tone that makes it significant both as entertainment and spiritually motivation. I do not believe that Andrew Greeley is "great writer", but he is very good at what he sets out to do.
I wonder how much of the story is factual. I wouldn't be surprised if the story parallels reality.
This book brings out a host of questions as well as answers to how and why
some people in authority become caught up in their own agenda.

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