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» » Sexing the Cherry (Bloomsbury Classic)
Sexing the Cherry (Bloomsbury Classic)


Jeanette Winterson


Sexing the Cherry (Bloomsbury Classic)


Literature & Fiction

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Bloomsbury; New Ed edition (1992)







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Sexing the Cherry (Bloomsbury Classic) by Jeanette Winterson

Nimble prose from a brilliant intellect residing somewhere near the junctions of Quantum Physics, Myth, and our current, multiple realities.
A decade after reading it, Sexing the Cherry remains one of my favorite books. The stories are magical, humorous, entertaining, and challenge you to explore your preconceptions. Set in the Middle Ages, the book swings back and forth between the son and the mother, aka The Dog Woman.

The mother is routed in reality, which includes being practical and coping with being obese. She has no use for fantasy and emotion. The son lives in an incredible world of make believe. He makes fantastic voyages to imaginary lands. We are invited to experience both realities.

The son is endlessly chasing after an amazing woman he has only glimpsed, but learns about finding all you need within yourself. The book shows that you can make journeys through time and space within your own mind. The book is feminist in nature, and celebrates strong, independent women. I highly recommend it for open minded readers!
I've never been more confused than when I was reading this book. It's short, which is definitely a good thing because you're going to have to read it several times. The story is deeply philosophical and I actually had to google some of the elements in Sexing the Cherry in order to fully understand it. However, after reading it for the third time, I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a literary challenge.
Weird...but a captivating story with the unique and differing perspectives of a mother and son. Didn’t want to put it down.
Love the language. A strange and beautiful book. Need more time to digest before I can delve deeply into its meaning.
I had to read this book for our book group. It was hard because I only read at night before bed, not every day, and so there were gaps between my times of reading. I always had to go back and read what I had read before to make sense of what I was reading. I don't like the way the book is put together, switching from one character to another and one time period to another constantly. However there were very beautiful passages that I enjoyed very much. I would never have chosen to read this book but I am glad I was forced to do so despite its difficulty.
This one was chosen as a book club read. It was a strange book. Sometimes it seemed like the author was in a drug induced state when writing certain scenes, like the suspended dining room with alligators below. Some book club readers enjoyed this book, but for me it was just too out there. I didn't finish it and didn't actually get what the point of the story was as it kept leaping from one fantasy world (or mental state) to another without any links. There are lesbian references, like the different take on "The 12 Dancing Princesses" who get married and all leave their husbands for women or mermaids. Like I said, it jumps around all over the place! Not a book I would recommend. But hey, that being said, it's always good to read something different.
This was an interesting book, with some creative storytelling; however the narrative was much in the style of a fairytale, and I found it flat and unengaging.

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