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» » Thomas the Rhymer
Thomas the Rhymer


Ellen Kushner


Thomas the Rhymer


Literature & Fiction

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William Morrow & Co; 1st edition (March 1, 1990)




United States



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Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner

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Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner
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Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner
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Follows the medieval minstrel, Thomas, who is kidnapped by the Queen of Elfland and forced to live as an immortal in her utopian kingom
I ... can't begin to form an opinion on Thomas the Rhymer. That's the strangest thing for one such as myself, who never knows how to shut up. Lest I set someone running from this book, first I say that, yes, I absolutely did like it. It's a complicated story and, as in life, no real answers are posed - only questions. This one might take me a while to sort out, though it took only a day to read.
The story itself is a retelling of the legend of Thomas the Rhymer, of which - I admit - I have never heard before, so I can't make comparisons there. Ms. Kushner's tone here is stylized in the way of vocal folklore - fit for a ballad or a grandfather's telling my a crackling fire. Though the story is a first-person account coming, at various times, from four different characters, the understanding is still that it was, not is. 'And there I've gone, and this I've seen, and so it was' and such like. This does not make for the easiest personal connection to a story, but there's a point in the method of telling, too - it strips the story of flourish, leaving only the bare-bones plot. Which, in this case, requires no help and carries itself gracefully as any story I've ever read. This book is definitely as experience - eerie, fascinating, addictive. I highly recommend it.
Retelling of a fairy tale told from three points of view. I loved all the voices and was drawn into their minds because they were such interesting and big-hearted people. If you like fantasy I highly recommend it. Any of this author's novels.
I sincerely envy Ms Kushner's writing skills: she is a wondrous writer, she handles her language with a subtlety unheard of and still she manages to avoid any overwriting or mannerism.

This story, though, is far from great. Some reviewers say it is true to the legend: should it be really so, part of the problem might lie in the original plot and yet the author could have done something to amend that.
Be it as it may, her characters are exceptionally dull -except for the elderly couple- and Elfland is lushiously boring, its beautiful queen being the worst of all.

The verses included are enjoyable.
Read this book when I was younger. Still remember it. I had checked out the book but finally bought it.
I'm always shocked that Ellen Kushner is not more well known. She blends fantasy with interesting characters so seamlessly. The words are so well written that music is in the background of my mind as I read. There is a reason why there is always a recommendation from Neil Gaiman.
Nice classic story. Very interesting read and a fun tale. If you like Irish history, its a good read. And if you don't, you should read more :)
If you've only heard the story of Thomas the Rhymer referenced but not actually read his tale this a phenomenal telling.
Very enjoyable read in four rather distinct sections (each told from the perspective of a different character). Not epic, which is something of a relief, but finely told. The long middle section about the stay in Fairie Land is atmospheric, but so too are the descriptions of regular, mundane medieval life.

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