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» » Wearing My Halo Tilted
Wearing My Halo Tilted


Stephanie Perry Moore


Wearing My Halo Tilted


Literature & Fiction

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Kensington (January 1, 2010)




United States

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Wearing My Halo Tilted by Stephanie Perry Moore

This roller-coaster tale takes you on a spiritual ride. --RT Book ReviewsWhen a good woman goes astray, what will it take to get right with her family--and God? The one thing Shari McCray is feeling most about her marriage is what it's missing, but her husband Dillon's frustrations with his career as a Christian college football coach leave her complaints falling on deaf ears. So when a book she's written is adapted into a play, Shari jumps at the chance to get away--even if it leads her straight to temptation. Bryce Maddox, the famous gospel singer who's starring in the play, has a lot in common with Shari, including a troubled marriage. As their attraction deepens, Shari's fear that her relationship with God is in trouble comes true. To get right, she'll have to set things straight with her husband--and the Lord. But the road to redemption has its share of surprises, and it will take all the love and faith Shari and Dillon can muster to turn a difficult situation into a lifelong blessing. "Wearing My Halo Tilted offers an interesting peek into some of the everyday things that cause marriages to fail." --The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
Stephanie Perry Moore is one of my favorite authors. This book definitely did not disappoint. Charming and beautifully written. I was fully engaged with these characters, and the plot. It touched my heart and ministered to me. It was real and gritty at times, but classy and filed with hope in the midst of the most seemingly hopeless situations.
Stephanie P. Moore is one of my favorite Christian authors. I appreciate good writing with a strong moral backing. Just good clean reading but definitely not boring!! I was entertained the whole way through. This book will really just remind you of God's love and forgiveness. Even though the main character made plenty of mistakes that might be unforgivable to man, the love of God in her husband gives her a second chance. A must read for young, married, or single adults!
Thank you
This was one of those audiobooks that I can still remember what happened well after listening to it, as well as not wanting to get out of the car because it's so good. Wife, Mother and Author of Christian Fiction ends up going on a tour of a play based on her best seller because she is unfulfilled at home and her husband takes her for granted. Then the unthinkable happens. I was totally shocked at the ending because it doesn't end like you would think it would. Excellent job
Shari Maddox was frustrated with her life as a stay-at-home mom and a wife. In her spare time, she wrote Christian fiction books and sometimes questioned her faith in God. She longed for the day that her husband would be more attentive to her, but it seemed her dream never came true. She constantly prayed that a change would happen in her life. Well, soon those prayers were answered with a call from her agent Tina. One of her books that she had published was about to become a stage play. Her agent told her that it would be a hit, and she was needed on the tour. When she finally got her husband's attention, he was not happy with her being gone for weeks at a time...especially when he found out that her favorite gospel singer was the star of the show.

Bryce McCray was tall, handsome, and the answer to every woman's dream...and the man could sing! Dillion (Shari's husband) was not thrilled about this because he knows how much his wife is in love with Bryce. Shari feared that her relationship with God would soon be put to the test. Will she be able to hear the Lord telling her the right thing, or will she follow her heart and risk her husband and children?

In Wearing My Halo Tilted, Stephanie Perry Moore did a good job making sure you knew that God was always in control. You often question your own walk in the Lord when reading this book. In the beginning it dragged a little, but if you keep reading after the first chapter the book gets more and more interesting. You could visualize what each character of the book was going through, and when the characters would pray. It made you open your heart and mind a little more, and pray along with them. I thought the author completed her task with this book, because it was a true test of faith and how the characters got through the difficult times.
Shari and Dillon's marriage is at a bit of a crossroads as WEARING MY HALO TILTED begins. Despite Dillon's role in the church, the couple's relationship, which lacks intimacy, involves heated arguments and in some cases physical violence, hardly resembles a strong Christian marriage. Shari is a work-at-home mom and the author of Christian fiction books, who is struggling to find her muse in the midst of her unhappy home. Her agent however, has been able to successfully broker a deal that not only involved selling the rights to Shari's first novel so it could be made into a stage play, but has also arranged for Shari to go on the road with the play to sell copies of her novel during each performance. While this is a great opportunity, the decision to go on the road adds additional pressure to the already stressed marriage. The plot really thickens when the star of the show, Bryce Maddox, a man whom Shari has admired from afar for years, takes a personal interest in her.

WEARING MY HALO TILTED offers an interesting peek into some of the everyday things that cause marriages to fail. I was initially drawn to Shari's character and was eager to see her story unfold, but over time, I began to like her less and less and found her to be selfish and whiny. As my views of her character changed, I became less engaged in the plot. In addition, the plot follows a somewhat predictable course so quite often I found myself waiting for what I knew was going to happen rather than wondering what would be coming next. In spite of this, I could appreciate Shari's struggles and particularly enjoyed how the author clearly portrayed the importance of genuine communication in a relationship.

Reviewed by Stacey Seay
of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
Shari McCray is bored at home with her two young daughters and feels that her husband is not paying her enough attention. Shari wrote a book that was turned into a play. Shari decides to go on tour with the play. Shari makes a wrong decision in her marriage; infidelity. We are all human and mistakes will be made, but one must learn to trust and depend on our Savior. Trust and Depend!!
Pretty good read. Enjoyed the characters but started moving pretty fast toward the end. Would have been nice to have a few more twists. Mostly predictable. Found a couple of typos in the book.

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