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» » The Bad Place, Limited Edition
The Bad Place, Limited Edition


Dean R. Koontz


The Bad Place, Limited Edition


Literature & Fiction

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G.P. Putnam's Sons; Limited edition (January 16, 1990)




Genre Fiction



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The Bad Place, Limited Edition by Dean R. Koontz

When Frank Pollard keeps awakening in unfamiliar places, he begs Nick and Julie Dakota, husband and wife detectives, to watch where he goes in his sleep
I've read many horror thrillers by Stephen King & Dean Koontz & others, and loved most of them. This was not one of my favorites. (spoiler alert ): First you have a guy who likes biting people on the neck and sucking their blood till they die. I would have preferred a good ole' vampire story instead of a sicko. Then there's the unique sexual orientation / incest twists between his sisters & mom & him. (I'm trying not to give too exact spoiler details). Creepy in a bad way. Definitely unique twists but made me uncomfortable reading it. The supernatural effects & twists just weren't quite enough to overcome that feeling. Yet still a page-turner - I read the whole dang thing :OP
I always enjoy a good Dean Koontz book. I find his style gripping and nail-biting, all while being easy to read with few boring bits. This book had a few shocking surprises, you never knew what to expect or where the characters where going to end up. I recommend it to anyone that likes horror books, but also stories that move along quickly.
Classic Dean Koontz novel. He blends suspense, science fiction, horror and a little romance to write a superb novel. Action from start to finish. I have read over 45 of his books. This ranks right up there with Watchers, Lightning, Phantoms and Strangers as one of his best novels. It is slightly over 400 pages, but I couldn't put it down. I finished it in 2 days. It is well worth the reading time.
I am always so glad to find books by Dean Koontz that I somehow missed when they first came out! Such was the case with "The Bad Place". It was written and took place in the early '90s and so much has changed since then that it's sometimes jars the reader by thinking "use your cell phone!!" But Mr. Koontz is such a wonderful writer he just takes you along on amazing journeys with his equally amazing and appealing characters who keep you reading because you HAVE to find out what happens to them. If you're fan of Dean Koontz then read this book too because it's a strange but compelling story.
Tori Texer
Leave it up to Dean Koontz to find new and interesting places to have his stories take place. This book is one of those page turning easy reads. Koontz holds up his end of the bargain with keeping the reader interested and wanting to know more all the time. Mini-mysteries and questions keep popping up that you want the answers to. He presents characters that you want to know and identify with. Both on a personal and social level.
In this tale we have Bobbie and Julie Dakotas family vs the Pollards.
The Pollards are a bit unusual and Koontz manages to tap into an area of biology that I have rarely seen in other books. But I don't want to give it away here. The Dakotas represent the struggling American family trying to pull things together for a somewhat normal life, especially for Julie's brother who also suffers from his own biological problem, Downs syndrome. The characters all become intertwined within the many layered mysteries brought on by brother Frank Pollard. Frank wakes up in an alley and doesn't understand how he got there or who he is, hmmm.
Need a good escape and a mild challenge? Pick this book up. It is unique in the concept that is so plausible and yet, could this happen?
Thanks Dean for another memorable time.
Leadie Jo Flowers
But now that I've read it non-stop for a few days I'm too tired to tell you why it was great except to say that if you love a happily married, witty, kick-ass couple, you will love this book.
I found this book to be a page turner, as most of Dean Koontz's works are. Also, the characters were well thought up and explained, especially Thomas. However, in the end when we finally learn of Candy & the rest of the Pollard family's origins, I was enamored by the interest I gave this book. I loved it! By far, this novel is one of my favorites by Koontz to date!
Having discovered Mr.Koontz with Midnight, many years ago, I proceeded to read all his books, sometimes twice as the years rolled by....they kept me company as I wrote my doctoral dissertation...a welcome break from that stressful journey, and just reread The Bad Place, one of his better books, finding it more psychologically profound and interesting the second time...perhaps because I'm older?
Much more than a potpourri of mixed genre, it has its own coherence and Thomas might have said, it's A One Of A Kind, to be read in the Wreck Room!
Sincerely, Susan Lovell, Ph.D.

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