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» » Without a Trace (The O'Hurleys Series)
Without a Trace (The O'Hurleys Series)


Nora Roberts,Marie Caliendo


Without a Trace (The O'Hurleys Series)


Literature & Fiction

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Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (November 23, 2010)




United States

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Without a Trace (The O'Hurleys Series) by Nora Roberts,Marie Caliendo

Redemption. With everything he’d seen and done, Trace O’Hurley was way past that. And nothing the flame-haired Irish beauty Gillian Fitzpatrick said could change the fact that he was just a disillusioned man with nothing left to lose. But somehow Gillian made him believe that he could do the impossible—rescue her family, take down a terrorist organization. Ask for forgiveness. Be one of the O’Hurleys again. At last.
This is such a great book, that I look forward to going back and reading these stories again like some that I already have, and I am impatient to read the rest of Nora Roberts' stories right now. Hot, Hot, Hot, love scenes, a well written, creative and intriguing story about family plus inventive, vivid characters, all on top of seriously wonderful love and romance. Each story is about one key person, usual in a family, or close group of friends, they are linked through intricate, messy links and it's almost like a movie you get the privilege of witnessing about these people's powerful, emotional, and often times painful journey towards falling in love. Roberts is one of my most favorite author's, and she doesn't disappoint in this series. Her unique style and classy, yet moving love scenes, paint a beautiful picture that leaves a person longing for something similar for themselves. All of that is combined into this fantastic series and make this book a "must-have"!!!! I didn't want to set it down....seriously!! Lol I was nodding off over my book on several different occasions. Worth the price and more to have a Nora Roberts book in your library collection!!!!!!
I read this all the way through to complete the series. The ending is satisfactory but the rest is stilted and poorly written. The book feels amateur, and lacks the warmth and humor of most of Robert's other books. Maybe it is because the couple is so isolated for most of the book. Also, the circumstances they find themselves in is so dire that the romance is off putting. So, bleh. Not the best.
Book 4 completed a well written and engaging series.

I liked the combination of family trials and unity coupled with intrigue.

However, the intrigue and battles seemed a bit overdone thus did not the provide the same sense of realism as did the stories of each of the family members and the depiction of the difficulties, the pain, sorrow and love that makes up family life.
This is the fourth book in the O Hurleys series and the best one. They were all great but the final book has so much excitement. Life and death around every corner. Never read anything about Morocco. Even though this a work of fiction Nora Roberts incorporates fiction and reality together so well. She never disappoints. The series needs to be read in order. They stories build on each other. Wish I could give it more than five stars. Love all series by Nora Roberts.
Nora's trilogy books are very good and interesting on how all the members get involved with each others lives. Good reading.
Great story, they kept me interested and reading. Didn't want to put them down at all. Great job with the caricatures.
The main character, Trace, is Nora's typical tough aloof guy. However, in this book it takes the entire book for him to lower his wall and realize he is in love with the girl. Not much romance in this one. Excellent action though. Since this is the last in a series of four you have to read it to close out the whole story. Worth the read but not as good as the others in the series.
I've been reading many of Nora Roberts' trilogies and other books, as well. She never disappoints me, and now I'm trying out the audio books. Except for one, they've all been great for listening and reading along together, and that one, the audio just wouldn't work with the reading, although I did everything the Amazon tech told me to try, so I just gave up. I enjoy reading that way since I have some problems reading with eyes that want to water and blur after a few pages.

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