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» » River's End
River's End


Nora Roberts


River's End


Literature & Fiction

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Piatkus Books (April 2000)




Genre Fiction



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River's End by Nora Roberts

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Book by Roberts, Nora
Snake Rocking
River's End was another great read from Nora Roberts! It grabbed me from the first page and it was hard to put down. I love her writing. There is no one else that can tell a story quite like her. I know everyone has their own opinions, but I get so tired of the bad reviews of her books. I have read almost everything she has ever written and loved them all. Some more than others, but man, can she draw you in. It's like seeing a movie, only better. In my opinion she is one of the best authors I have read. No spoilers, but if you're on the fence about purchasing, go ahead. It's a great book.
I have read all of Nora Roberts books (I think) , including this one. I really believe this is her best. It's got romance, mystery, the best of humanity, and the worst of humanity, awesome descriptions, a wonderful hero and heroine. And--all of her main characters are sympathetic ones, including the murderer. This one book eclipses all that Nora and J.D. Robb have written. Well doone Nora!
This is the story of the rippling effect of murder. The psychological and emotional impact a heinous crime can have on the family and also, on the law & enforcement personnel.
In this story a starlet is murdered by her celebrity husband. Leaving behind the main character of this story, a 4 year old child, to deal with the repercussions.
The writing makes it an easy read. And the author excels in giving vivid descriptions. But multiple scenes are repetitive to the point of predictability between the main character and the love interest.
Even though, in the beginning I cared about the romance between the leads. After the idea that the main character is "hard to get" was established, the push and pull between the leads gets tiring. By the end, I was just over them. With no lasting impression of their exchanges.
This is the story of protection, many at times over-protection. Of living a life defined by a tragic history. A good story that could have been better if it weren't lengthy.
Nora Roberts is a great story teller. And, River's End carries on her tradition of a rich story with characters you want to know, a fascinating backdrop of time and place, and a mystery to solve. I have read Roberts since she started writing. I read her with my heart and brain, not just my brain. And, I look forward to her next creation. Thank you for this great read!
Nora Roberts never disappoints. I know I can always count on her to give a story that draws me in and keeps me involved until the very end. In River’s End, the story starts with a Hollywood murder witnessed by a child. As the readers follows the child, Livvy, into adulthood, they enter a world of secrets, fears, nightmares, family, and love. Writer Noah helps uncover the secrets and hidden memories as he explores the murder for a true crime book he feels compelled to write.

The characters are well developed and the setting description makes you want to visit Washington state! There are even some unexpected plot twists along the way. I got so engrossed in the story I couldn’t put it down towards the end. I enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it to others!
I see that this story got mixed reviews. I enjoyed it. The suspense starts right away when a Hollywood golden couple's lives end with the murder of the wife. The four-year-old daughter comes in to see her father standing over the body with a bloody pair of scissors in his hands. The story segues through the life of the child until she meets up with the son of the cop who helped her after finding the murder scene. The conflict between them is that he wants to write a true-crime novel about the case. It's a fast read and a page-turner. I read this a long time ago, and enjoyed it just as much this time.
The book was so good and it gave me so many emotions. If it wasn't for work I would never have put it down. The only thing I wish was that the other people in the book you would have heard what happened to them at the end. Don't read this part if you don't want to know the end. She and her father needed more time together and I would have liked to know if the wife's family and the cop forgave him and what the cop thought about being wrong about him
I realized I hadn't read this book when it became available at a discount price through BookBub. I thought I had read everything by Nora Roberts! The author's descriptions of the forests brings them to kufe. Noah and Livvy's HEA has lots of pitfalls, not the least being her mother's murder when she was 4. But that very event is what brings them together. Another great romantic suspense by the master of the genre.

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