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» » Walter's Purple Heart
Walter's Purple Heart


Catherine Ryan Hyde


Walter's Purple Heart


Literature & Fiction

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Wheeler Pub Inc; Large Print edition (September 1, 2002)




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Walter's Purple Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde

A dead World War II soldier transcends the barriers of time to touch the lives of the people he loved in his life.
having begun a Catherine Ryan Hyde obsession precludes that Everyone of her books now lives comfortably on my bookshelf! Walter's Purple Heart, for some reason, didn't beckon to me as much as most of the others, initially - i'm not "big" on war stories or reincarnation/oiuja board stuff & that probably had something to do w/my reluctance to even get to know the characters.
HA! that lasted until the middle of the first page - i found myself irreversably in Love w/this delightful dead boy!! & lost to anyone who needed my attention in the "real world" til the final paragraph.
of the 14 CRH novels i've finished, Walter sits closest to my heart.
thank you, Catherine, for bringing him back to life as we know it. my life won't ever be the same!
I liked the story, but I don't think it is what people might expect from her. I found it to be very original, and well written, but I won't suggest it to the readers who don't have an open mind, and aren't willing to give the author her artistic freedom. I have enjoyed everything I have read by her, and will continue to be a fan.
This is a story about a soldier who is reincarnated and tries to reconcile relationships from his life. I love Catherine Ryan Hyde and have read quite a few of her books. I was surprised at this book, with ouji boards and reincarnation and other questionable ingredients. I was tempted to put the book down in the first couple of chapters, but kept reading because, like I said, I normally love this author and wanted to give her a chance. I'm glad that I did. Although the subject was a little far fetched for me, the plot kept my interest, the characters were full and well developed and I wanted to see how she brought this to a (believable) end. I like to be entertained when I read, and Ms. Hyde did not disappoint me with the entertainment value of this book. Definitely a good rainy weekend read.
Reincarnation? An interesting topic, left for the reader to decide. Either way as usual CRH created a heartwarming book told from two sides, Walter and Michael. I loved both characters, whose lives become entangled with Andrew and Mary Ann. The author does such a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life, touching us, the readers.
Interesting view points on death and what it feels like to die and be dead that I haven't heard of or thought of before. Although many of the ideas are far fetched, that is the point, I think. I do think this would make a great movie if only someone could develop the characters as wonderfully as Catherine does. My 2nd CRH book this week. I am scared I will finish all her works too quickly...although I wouldn't hesitate to read some of them over again. She has yet to disappoint me!
Though I read constantly, I can't remember ever reading a story told this way. I liked it very much. Catherine Hyde created great characters. I liked them all even though they were flawed like the rest is us. In the end I saw that each was basically a good person doing the best they could under very difficult circumstances.

Well done Ms. Hyde

Michael Daley
I must say I didn't think I would like this book. When I read the description I thought this doesn't seem like a story line I would like. I decided to purchase because Catherine is my favorite and hasn't let me down yet. I'm so glad I purchased this book!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing. I didn't want it to end. These characters became friends of mine then they moved and changed their numbers. LOL!! This is a love story like no other.
I really enjoy Ryan-Hyde's books; all have different themes, but they're an easy read--without one offensive word from start to finish.

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