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» » Fear Is the Key
Fear Is the Key


Alistair Maclean


Fear Is the Key


Literature & Fiction

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Fawcett; English Language edition (August 12, 1981)




Action and Adventure

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Fear Is the Key by Alistair Maclean

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Fear Is the Key by Alistair Maclean
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Fear Is the Key by Alistair Maclean
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Fear Is the Key by Alistair Maclean
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A classic novel of ruthless revenge set in the steel jungle of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico -- and on the sea bed below it. Now reissued in a new cover style. A sunken DC-3 lying on the Caribbean floor. Its cargo: ten million, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in gold ingots, emeralds and uncut diamonds guarded by the remains of two men, one woman and a very small boy. The fortune was there for the taking, and ready to grab it were a blue-blooded oilman with his own offshore rig, a gangster so cold and independent that even the Mafia couldn't do business with him and a psychopathic hired assassin. Against them stood one man, and those were his people, those skeletons in their watery coffin. His name was Talbot, and he would bury his dead -- but only after he had avenged their murders.
With this book MacLean seems to have recycled some of this prior themes - a vengeful widower out to avenge the death of his wife, for one. The hero is just too damn cocky and self assured - no doubts even when going up with a billionaire who has killed before and has men to carry out his wishes. The heroes plan goes like clockwork despite such trivialities as a plane crash, for nothing can stand in the way of his revenge. It's an interesting story, but everyone in it is a cardboard cut-out.

The Kindle version is very odd. It has a different number of chapters than the print version, with the breaks not seeming to make sense. The book had a lot of blank lines between paragraphs to indicate the passage of time; most are missing.Some words are not italicized. Some words are translated from German to English, like Kolonie becoming Colony, but oddly without consistency as Kolonie is also used. There are actually whole sentences missing, and some are shortened. Some words are misspelled in placed but are correct elsewhere. Very, very strange. When I buy a Kindle book I want the exact same thing as the print version. What's really odd is that this was an English text to start with, so it's not like two different translators came up with their own versions.
Alistair Maclean was The adventure novelist for a period of time in the 20th Century. This is one of his later and lesser novels but tremendously fun to read. Stolen treasure; South American jungles; the rugged adventurer, lost cities and cannibals. It contains all the elements for a page turner. And unlike today when people want to spend so much time with their characters that they slog through 600-700 pages, this is a quick 200 pages. Economy of prose from a master story teller.
Many of Maclean's stories were made into movies. This one as well, but the original story is much better. Take a cruise on the Rio Muerte.
I really love his books and those that Hollywood chose to make
make into movies. His books caused me to purchase this Kindle
Fire. I couldn't find all of his books in book stores and even called
publishers to order them and those I talked to unfortunately didn't
know who or what I was asking about. This Kindle Fire is my book
store at home with so many varieties of subjects from fiction to
The reason I love his books is because from page to page the reader
doesn't know what will happen next. That's what makes a good
mystery to me.
Great story, with many twists and turns. Suspense, derrimg do, and just plain fun. Great car chase. John Talbot is everyone's hero. Flawed, but a winner. Great villains.
Quite good read as an early offering from a very capable writer and storyteller. The prologue presents a seemingly unrelated intro to a very different storyline that jerks the readers emotions and notions about the characters like wild roller coaster ride. Murder and mayhem seem to be constant companions in a deceptive plot to reach a well hidden objective. Overall, a fascinating read of rough-housing action and adventure.
I think this is his greatest novel. Characters are interesting, story is intriguing and exciting
I love his books as they keep me on the edge of my seat I would recomend them to anyone
The stakes were high, and the deception by Mr.MacLean was well executed, the book was tense, the pace was steady, the payoff was worth the purchase.

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