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» » The Plague Dogs
The Plague Dogs


Richard Adams


The Plague Dogs


Literature & Fiction

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Alfred A. Knopf (February 12, 1978)







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The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams

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The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams
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The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams
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"Thousands and thousands of people will love this book!"THE BOSTON GLOBEA lyrical, engrossing tale, by the author of WATERSHIP DOWN, Richard Adams creates a lyrical and engrossing tale, a remarkable journey into the hearts and minds of two canine heroes, Snitter and Rowf, fugitives from the horrors of an animal research center who escape into the isolation--and terror--of the wilderness.From the Paperback edition.
This book when first published was a real emotional journey. Readers rioted over the ending after this novel. Richard Adams wrote a new ending for this novel and called it Plague Dogs Infinity. This novel is at times a real and heart felt test for the reader, and the motion picture is as moving and emotional as the book. An A+ addition to any library. Although be warned . This is mature reading about a very touchy subject. Animal testing. Not a movie or reading for children. After reading the book and seeing the movie this story has stayed with me thru time. Keep an open mind and heart and give this sadly beautiful and heart felt read a place in your soul.
Global Progression
The Plague Dogs, about 2 dogs (Rowf and Snitter) who escape an animal testing facility, is a very good book! One of the things that it clearly illustrates, through the reporter character Digby Driver in the story, is how public views are controlled by the media, as when Digby publishes articles claiming that the dogs are carrying the plague, the public goes into a mass panic mode, mistaking actions of starving dogs as the actions of dogs whose brains are altered by the plague that they're supposedly carrying. It's a little slow in parts, but will keep your interest from the first page to the last!
while not, in my opinion, as moving a story as watership down, plague dogs is a great read! There are places in it where it falls down, particularly at the end, when the writer uses characters as mouthpieces for his opinions and in such a way that is obvious they are nothing more than mouthpieces. But a great story nonetheless. Snitter and Rowf are heroes who win out in the end, against all odds. In one place this book truly excels: in showing how seemingly ordinary people can become monsters, without even knowing it themselves, in their dealings with creatures weaker then themselves. Of particular note: discussions of results of experiments between characters, Boycott and Powell. The cruelties they inflict upon their tests subjects are discussed in the same manner as the weather or sports scores. When Powell begins to comprehend what he is doing and voices his qualms, Boycott considers his behavior unprofessional and "emotional". And emotion, according to Boycott, has no place in science.
It didn't read as well as Watership Down, but a interesting twist going through the dog perspective being a experimental science subject. On one level disturbing, but really brings home the "testing products for humans". It has a happy ending -albeit the dog who had his brain experimented with, never seemed to have the wound ever heal. Storyline highlights what science world does with animal cruelty .
I heard of plague dogs because a few years ago a friend recommended me watch a different movie, which I luckily found on Youtube, and this on Youtube was recommended via the sidebar that Youtube has. I honestly at the time was not aware it was actually based on a book until recently, and as I loved the animated feature so much I just couldn't help but pick this up immediately! Though Plague Dogs: A Novel starts rather slow, once you get hooked you STAY hooked; the author's old-fashioned writing style is very entertaining and though certain parts can be hard to decipher ( I personally am more of a fan of 'implied accents' rather than outright written accents like this book has ) you don't lose sight of the story throughout it. It's a very good and somewhat realistic look into animal testing and human nature.
I first read this inhigh school as a freshman. It depicts the early days of animal testing in England, and reflects what happens to animals in research labs today. It also played a pivotal role in the formation of early animal rights laws in England and abroad. Emotional and riveting!
I have long been a fan of Richard Adams's Watership Down, to the point of making several trips to England to visit the places in the story. Plague Dogs is written in his same captivating style. There are tough places to read in Watership Down, but this one has some very tough things to read about, especially if you love animals. But they become such an important part of the story that you need to keep reading all the way to the end. You really become fans of Rowf and Snitter,and want to help them so badly. However stay with the story and you will not be disappointed.
So sad but so beautiful.

Plague dogs highlights scientific animal testing from the point of view of animals.

It also brings up important lessons on loyalty, determination and love. This book is a must for young readers.

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