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» » Morning, Noon and Night
Morning, Noon and Night


Sidney Sheldon


Morning, Noon and Night


Literature & Fiction

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HarperCollins; New e. edition (September 5, 2005)



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Morning, Noon and Night by Sidney Sheldon

Not Sheldon's most famous, or even best book, but enjoyable nevertheless.

Every family has secrets, and this was not an always enjoyable book to read.

In my youth, I didn't understand why Kendall did not fight back, whose heartache bothered me the most, but now I do understand.

There was a rich man, who was nowhere as omnipotent as he thought. He indulged though he was running, and suddenly, he was killed. The first few chapters were amongst my favorites, because I loved all the food described.

Then came the stories of his children - heartache upon heartache.

This isn't Sheldon's best, and I am judging it because its ending was so unsatisfactory to me. Regardless, the writing is poignant, sharp, and deeply empathetic.

I do like this book.
Another great Sidney Sheldon book. I've been reading his books for years. He never disappoints. Lots of twists and turns. Keeps you guessing until the last page.
S. Gray is/was a great writer. You may not agree with his approach to family life, but his personal story telling is good reading.
Loved it!
I like a book that shows greed never pays off in the end. That book did it very well.
It's Spaulding, a happy man, a family man. But still Spalding. I love him, what else is there to say.
Sidney Sheldon keeps you guessing throughout the whole book. There were several ah ha moments I was hardly able to put it down
Easy to read, Sidney Shelton is a tremendous writer who keeps the reader on his or hers toes and this book is no different. I enjoyed all the twists and turns in this book.

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