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Nick Sagan




Literature & Fiction

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Transworld Pub (July 31, 2004)







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Idlewild by Nick Sagan

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Idlewild by Nick Sagan
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Idlewild by Nick Sagan
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It is a not-too-distant future in our all-too-recognizable world. It is the late twenty-first century and a deadly virus has seeped into human kind's genetic make-up. In only a few generations this plague will have wiped us off the face of the planet, but we're not going down without a fight. Teams of scientists, geneticists and programmers race to find a cure, but time is not on our side and our only hope lies in one last, desperate gamble ...Eighteen years later and ten individuals are about to come of age. One of them, a young man, is suddenly startled awake. He has no memory. His surroundings mean nothing to him. All he knows for certain is that someone is trying to kill him. Unsure who he can trust, he is reacquainted with his companions, all of whom are being trained at a special establishment run by the elusive Maestro. As he tries to uncover the identity of his would-be killer, it becomes clear that more - so much more - than just his life is at stake ...Smart, stylish, terrifying and thrilling in equal measure, Idlewild fuses the fierce imagination of The Matrix with the chilling social vision of Minority Report, and introduces a singular new literary voice.
A friend of mine is a big science fiction fan and she gave me Idlewild for Christmas. We don't usually share the same tastes (I'm a huge mystery/thriller fan), so I acted happier about getting it than I actually was. But she promised I'd love it, and sure enough she was right!
Nick Sagan's debut novel is a literary gem and a true genrebuster. Not only did I find the plot smart and compelling and the characters well-drawn, but the writing itself is crisp and moving. The mystery keeps you guessing, but it raises deeper questions too, the kind that rise far above the average whodunit.
I sped through this page turner in three days and now can't wait for the sequel. If all science fiction books read like this one, I'd be a major fan of the genre.
Idlewild is powerful fiction, read and enjoy.
Quite possibly my favorite series of all time. Idlewild is an incredibly smart work of post-apocalyptic fiction that contemplates a number of actual scientific and philosophical theories. It's a great read for any sci-fi nerd out there looking for a fascinating story with well developed characters and well though out plot lines.
The whole series is a good ride. I finished the whole trilogy in 4 days, but to be fair Idlewild was a reread and I've had two days off ;) I heard a lot of criticism about the two following this one, but Idlewild is great and the two after are worth a read to finish the story :)
Halloween wakes up disoriented, confused, with no memory, and is temporarily paralyzed. All he knows is someone (something?) is trying to kill him via electrocution, but he has no idea how to even begin to investigate.

Slowly but surely, our protagonist reunites with his friends and his environment, the pieces of the puzzle slowly clicking into place as time moves forward. Plagued by intermittent holes in his memory, Halloween re-integrates himself back into the land of the ... living?

Sort of.

Quickly we learn that Halloween and his quirky and enigmatic friends are living in a inter-conscious virtual reality termed IVR (Immersive Virtual Reality) where they are receiving an education unlike anything they'd find in the "outside" world. With virtual nannies, instructors, vampires, and the ability to travel anywhere in the world instantaneously, what could be better? What could go wrong?

Pesky time to interrupt and remind the reader of the paralyzing electrocution - a failed, yet very much attempted assassination.

Through searching for simply his own memory, Halloween uncovers an epic reality nobody could have imagined. Peeling back multiple layers (a la Inception) bring the reader to a shocking and haunting realization, and hurl our cast of characters into a sobering pit of responsibility that they won't all survive.

Nick Sagan's Idlewild is disorienting at first, and fairly so given the state of our protagonist. I am confused as much as Halloween is. As the light of understanding brightens slowly upon him, so do I gain my bearings and try to make sense of this world around me. As the story progresses and the intensity increases, I find myself enlightened and darkened at the same time. What a wonderful thing to gain understanding, but when what you're understanding is fraught with danger and the threat of being buried alive? You long for a sense of normalcy. My emotions were highly charged while reading this book, and I am already well into book #2. I look around and appreciate the world around me, all the while wondering if what I'm perceiving is what really IS.
This is my second time reading Idlewild and I love it. I remember I read it at work last year and I meant to buy it but by the time I got around to it, someone else had purchased the only copy that we had. So now I finally have my own copy and I can't wait to re-read it over and over.
This book had been sitting on my shelf for a while and being the bored college student that I was this summer, I finally picked it up and actually read it.

Idlewild has a great plot. It's set in a post-apocalyptic world where a disease known as Black Ep has ravaged the Earth, killing nearly everyone on Earth save 10 genetically engineered kids that were designed by the last scientists to one day revive humanity and cure Black Ep. It's a fascinating plot that reminded me much of the Matrix where you have 10 kids plugged into a virtual reality environment loaded up with all the "programs" designed to further them along into maturation so that one day when they come of age, they will be armed with all of the knowledge to come into the real world and save it.

My only real qualm with the book is a lack of character development. There's too much time spent on the cool idea of a Matrix type environment and not enough time actually telling the reader who everyone really is. This coupled with the book's ending which falls flat on its face and doesn't resolve anything.

However, even with that being said, I'd still rate the book about a B just because the concepts were so good and the plot so well-defined. I recently just finished the second book in the series, Edenborn, and it does indeed resolve the character development issues and ending issues that Idlewild had.

If you're looking for another sci-fi book to add to the reading list, make sure you grab this one first.
This is my favorite book of all times. And this book is in pristine condition. Can't beat paying less than five dollars for a great book.
This is definitely one of my favorite stories of the genre. Though, it's hard to say much about the book without spoiling it. So, if you like sci-fi where you're not sure where it's going for a while (and then rewards you), give it a read.

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