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» » Kissing Games of the World: A Novel
Kissing Games of the World: A Novel


Sandi Kahn Shelton


Kissing Games of the World: A Novel


Literature & Fiction

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Broadway Books (November 10, 2009)




Genre Fiction



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Kissing Games of the World: A Novel by Sandi Kahn Shelton

“A classic romance. . . . It’s been done countless times, but rarely as engagingly as Shelton does it in this novel.” –Boston GlobeJamie is a free-spirited artist and devoted single mom with a slightly unorthodox living situation: in exchange for free rent, she looks after the grandson of her much older landlord. But when Harris Goddard dies of a heart attack–naked and splayed out in Jamie’s bed–nobody believes that he and Jamie were just roommates.With the rumor mill buzzing and two small children to care for, Jamie’s life is further upended when Harris’s handsome son, Nate, a charismatic jet-setting salesman, shows up unannounced at his childhood home to settle the estate and reclaim the five-year-old son he left behind. As Jamie’s and Nate’s highly guarded worlds collide, can these two damaged souls manage to see the good in each other . . . and maybe more?“Shelton’s warm, sentimental love story is told with a tenderness of heart and a nurturing eye.” –Romantic Times“Quite wonderful. . . . Like Anne Tyler, Shelton seems to possess a nearly boundless capacity for empathy. She has the ability to make us love her characters for their faults, not in spite of them.” –Connecticut Post
Engaging real life drama, with wonderfully real, flawed, believable people. Misunderstandings, trying to figure out life, and all the bumps in the road. Very enjoyable read. I will certainly read much more of Ms. DAWSON'S STORIES.
I knew this book had to end. Every book has to end. But I just wanted to go on reading about these people forever. Maddie Dawson is a fantastic writer who makes you feel very optimistic about life and love.
you secret
The story was so detailed until the end. It seemed like the end was rushed and didn't hold the pace or detail of the rest of the story. Loved the storyline and the characters. Informative in that the one child had asthma. Written in a comedic way that I found refreshing. Disappointed in the rushed ending.
This writer is able to make you not only like the characters, but want to get to know them better. Although parts of this book may make you uncomfortable, it shows that everything in life has a learning curve. And that learning about life and the people around you, makes it all worthwhile.
While I enjoyed the book, I felt the ending was not just predictable, but very abrupt. It made me wish the author had tried to take more time writing the ending.
I have read 4 books by Maddie Dawson in the past couple weeks. Loved everyone of them.. She is my new favorite author.
There is some nice writing here, entertaining and thoughtful, some good character development, nothing earthshatteringly new, but pleasurable to read all the same. Way better than average.
Not to realistic so ones imagination has to kick into high gear to make this story work. I love all that Maddie Dawson has written so maybe I just found the subject matter a bit off.
This is a book for anyone who likes a little romance and a decent read. I like to read mystery murder, lawyer books, so this was a nice diversion. I would recommend this book.

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