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» » On Black Sisters Street
On Black Sisters Street


Chika Unigwe


On Black Sisters Street


Literature & Fiction

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Jonathan Cape




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On Black Sisters Street by Chika Unigwe

What a beautiful and tragic story of four women just looking for more from life, something we all desire, except their lot in life lead them to Brussels via sex trafficking and false promises.
I have traveled abroad and seen many sex workers, but never really spoke to them. Just a smile here and there and a silent prayer as I went along my way, never having to deal with their realities. But On Black Sisters Street elegantly and matter-of-factually puts the truths of thousands of sex slaves, victims of sex trafficking, in front of the reader through the lives of 4 fictional women, without an ounce of remorse. And their shouldn't be. These women do not enjoy what they do, but after having been flown to other countries on illegal visas, that were later confiscated by their madame, with the false promise of being nannies, what other choice is there? They must go to work; and that work is whatever the man in front of them desires.
In spite of the lies, sexual abuse, wars, and even death, these women maintain a sense of hope that manages to keep their souls afloat when all hope should have been lost long ago.
This book is a must read. It not an easy read and it will make the reader uncomfortable, but it must be read nonetheless.
This is the story of a group of young women from Africa who are lured into prostitution for various reasons. Each woman has a story to tell but each lives a closed and seperate life until a tragic event unites them. The women work in the red light district of Belgium and for those who have never been the descriptions are pretty accurate. What the novel helps one realize is that behind the make-up and scanty clothing there are actual women with lives and complex problems and feelings.
This is a well written book despite some difficult passages of dialect. The final plot twist is so subtle that it is nearly impossible to predict and heightened the impact of the ending. It was also refreshing to see a European setting through less than adoring African eyes;where the "gold"
standard was not blonde or stick thin. It will be interesting to see where this writer takes us next.
This book tells the individual stories of five young African women who, out of desperation, become prostitues in Belgium. Like indentured servants, they are at the mercy of their benefactor pimp and madame for years in order to pay their debt and win their freedom. The story centers around the murder of one of the women while interweaving the lives of the others and the hopelessness that led them to their current circumstances. With beautifully written dialog and the rich, harrowing details, I could not put the book down!
Little Devil
Yes, that is the title of this review. I had read this book before the Kahn Strauss scandal and was able to view the victim's story to the immigration board in a different light. I thought this tale of how 4 women came to America would be too sad to read, but, instead, I found it eye opening and, amazingly, acceptable. I like books that let me peek into other worlds I would have never known or understood. Obviously, these women did not come to America in a way we recognize as good and legitimate. They came, however, under the only circumstances available to them. I was surprised how reverent this book is and recommend it to those who want to see the quality of life we have and the trials some must go through to attain it.
I literally just finished "On Black Sisters Street" and I had to write a review. This book was perfect in every single way. Ms. Unigwe should be immensely proud of herself--I would go so far to say that she should win a Nobel prize for this book! It was absolutely amazing. I was in complete awe while reading it. This was the most moving and perfect book I have read in a long time. Every single bit of it was good. This book is tragic, and its characters are heartbreaking and real. I was in tears many times while reading. This is a book that everyone should read--it has certainly left an imprint on my heart.
Sex trafficking is important. Black women are important. But, is this book important?

This is the story of four women who were pushed by desperate circumstances both personal and economic to leave their homes in Africa and head to Antwerp Belgium to work prostitutes. They come together following the murder of one of the women and tell their stories of pain and loss to each other.

It's obvious that the author did a lot of first hand research and interacted extensively with real life women in similar situations, the tragedy of the situation just didn't come together due to the lack luster writing and execution. The dialogue was often in heavy slang, while the surrounding descriptive language was very formal. Combined with the flat characterization and the strangely confusing flash forwards and backs in time, I just found myself not caring about the characters or trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of what happened to Sisi. Once I did find out, it felt anticlimactic and meh overall.

While I think the world needs more stories that talk about the darkness that plagues women around the world, the writing just didn't do the struggles of real world women justice. If you want to learn about sex work, read Half the Sky instead.
I picked this book as a selection for a book club and I am so glad I did. I would give it 4.5 stars if I could because although not perfect, it is close. I like the way the author infuses the past and future lives of the characters in her narrative. It's more than a story of sex workers and I found the stories behind their predicament interesting, it gave me an idea of how and why people end up in this train of work. Long story short, I would recommend this book!
I loved this book! It dragged me into a world that held me captive till the very end. It was astonishing!

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