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» » The Key to Rebecca (Windsor Selection)
The Key to Rebecca (Windsor Selection)


Ken Follett


The Key to Rebecca (Windsor Selection)


Literature & Fiction

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Chivers Large print (Chivers, Windsor, Paragon & C; Large Print Ed edition (May 1, 2000)




Genre Fiction



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The Key to Rebecca (Windsor Selection) by Ken Follett

I am a Ken Follett fan, and this is one of the most enjoyable read I have had in some time. It does that Follett thing where unrelated characters from all over get thrown together into an extraordinary circumstance, then relationships result and ordinary people become heroes. Lots of fun.
Another great novel by Ken Follett. Sadly, Kindle version is riddled with typos. There were tImes when I had to read a sentence over repeatedly or go back a few pages to make sense of things. It's as if the Kimdle version was not even proof read at all. Sad for such a good book to be riddled with such distraction. How can a publisher have this little quality control?
A well written, enjoyable book set at the outbreak of WW ll. Mr Follet's ability to describe his characters in detail pull you into the plot. This, as always, is so well thought out that it's a real pleasure to read. I haven't rated it higher because it was a little predictable and somewhat less believable than his other offerings. Nevertheless, a handsome story with the kind of ending I enjoy ...
Hate to use the old cliches, but this is a page turner that is likely to keep you up late. Rommel’s desert forces were living it up after taking Tobruk and were looking forward to winning all of Egypt, thanks to a clever and ruthless spy the Germans bankrolled. Unfortunately, his bankroll was counterfeit English currency, which was the start of all manner of trouble for both the spy and the stalwart English officer on his tail. With WWII now a historical footnote, this story comes alive in the first few pages and stays an exciting read to the end. Of course, it’s by Ken Follett and no one will waste any time with him.
Couldn't put this down. Had separation anxiety after it ended. Didn't want to leave these characters. A really excellent novel. Superbly written ... with a great, unexpected ending.
Ken Follett's historical thrillers are consistently gripping, and The Key to Rebecca is no exception, though I found it a little bit predictable at times. Alex Wolfe is an amazing antagonist, and in the end is more memorable than the story's protagonist, Major Vandam. Vandam is likeable, smart, and long-suffering with an inept superior office, though perhaps he is a touch bland for the role of hero. The story uses several historical figures as actual secondary characters rather than mentioned third parties--Rommel, Kesselring, Anwar Sadat--a historical fiction trope that was in fashion when it was written in 1980, though rarely used in more recent historical fiction. Personally, I'm not a fan of that, and to me it took away from the story of Vandam vs. Wolfe. There was a lot of exciting action, and good character development, and by the climax of the story it had turned into a real page-turner. A very enjoyable story overall.
One of Follett’s finest, by far better than the mini-series adapted for television in 1985. It is a realistic portrait of the North African regional conflict during WW2, with an unforgettable hero, a wonderful heroine, and a phenomenally bad villain brought to vivid life by the great David Soul on the small screen. It is a privilege to read a Ken Follett novel for entertainment, but most should also be read for his sharp eye for historical detail. The Key to Rebecca is, like most Follett novels, a treasure to be relished by any bookworm.
What a terrific page-turner. Hardly great literature, but this is Follett at his best. As well as a complex ensemble of characters, with intersecting lives and plots, there is a lot of interesting information about the Pan Am Clipper. And there are some nice twists.

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