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Remember Me?


Rosalyn Landor,Sophie Kinsella


Remember Me?


Literature & Fiction

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Books On Tape (2008)



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Remember Me? by Rosalyn Landor,Sophie Kinsella

I had read the majority of reviews before I bought this book. The ones and twos were spot on. There was a one-dimensional feel to the writing. The characters all lacked depth, but given that Lexi couldn't remember anything, it had to be that way...for her. I think the one person who came across as having more depth was Loser David.

Everyone else felt like caricatures.

The dialogue was stilted, unnatural. The interactions made me want to scream, they were so off-putting. I couldn't understand why Lexi would allow so many people to get away with not filling in more when they spoke. While she was not necessarily an assertive person, she did show strength of character toward the end.

The secondary and tertiary characters had to be vague by design in order for the "secret" of why Lexi changed to be effective, but it was all very contrived.

I was not smiling, amused or even happy to be reading, but morbid curiosity kept me plowing away to the finish. Meh.

The only time I felt any emotion was when Lexi got into the taxi and asked Jon if they were really something. And he answered her. I felt sad.

Don't think I'm going to read any more.
This is such a good book...I was totally hooked and hatred to have to do reading. It's not necessarily my most favorite genre of books but I also enjoyed the Shopaholic Series, I think it's just written by a very talented author. The characters are always so well put fish on paper that it's like you know EXACTLY who they are. It has some funny parts that I LOL'd at. I was rooting for Lexi the entire what through, and do happy for her ending.
Sophie Kinsella books are great when you have just finished a serious book, and need a break. Light reading well done.
The characters of Sophie Kinsella books always remind me a little of the Amelia Bedelia books I read when I was little.

This book was so fun and different that the Shopaholic books. Lexi, the main character, was a regular girl living in London, enjoying life with a new job with her best girlfriends and an awful boyfriend. The night before her dad's funeral she trips and hits her head, only to wake up 3 years later in a hospital bed with amnesia of the past three years. It seems she was actually in a bad car accident that had taken her back to that night three years ago and erased her mind of the three years of the most major changes she had ever made in her life.

Over the next few weeks Lexi has to piece together her life, her new friends and family and find out what happen to her old friends. How could everything have changed so dramatically in three years and how can she fix it? It's such a fun story because you get to piece it together with her!
The mystery of "who am I" leads the reader through a maze of emotions as Lexi discovers the genuine woman she really is. She learns to be true to herself. Once you start reading you cannot put the book down.
I loved this whole book from page 1! The author has a snarky sense of humor similar to my own and adds in tiny details that most would not which I find make a character come alive. I will be reading much more from this author!
This story reminded me that each of us has tried to fit ourselves into someone else's expectation. We probably did not experience amnesia to experience that situation. Always appreciate a Happy ending.
The last thing that Lexi Smart remembers before waking up in a hospital bed it was 2004 and she had been out drinking with her friends trying to forget the boyfriend that had stood her up, and the father whose funeral was the next day.

What she finds when she wakes up is that it is 2007, she is married to a millionaire, her teeth are fixed, her friends hate her and she is now in charge of the department that she worked in.

Over the next couple of months Lexi tries to get her memory back so that she can remember the last three years of her life and how she went from a frumpy snaggle tooth with a crap job to a hard nose bitch with perfect teeth and a great job.

I found this book to be very entertaining. Lexi is a character that anybody can relate to and the charactors of her mother, sister, and friends both old and new are a hoot.

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