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Fern Michaels




Literature & Fiction

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Kensington Books; Doubleday Direct Large Print Edition edition (1999)







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Celebration by Fern Michaels

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Celebration by Fern Michaels
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I don't understand why this book received such high ratings. The story was so ridiculously unrealistic. So many coincidences. This is the second book I've read by this author, the first was a short story so I thought it had something to do with that, this story was so flat, also large time spans in story with no indication. I had to finish it to give it a fair chance although I knew it wasn't going to get better. I have another book in my queue to read, not going to happen!
It's hard to believe that a woman could be so wrapped up in a relationship w/a man that she couldn't see him for the vengeful, despicable, selfish person he was. About half the story deals w/Kristine's "blindness" to her husband's many faults, even though their children see right thru him; then the other half is about what she does to make herself whole after husband Logan disappears for 8 years, nearly destroying her. Banker Aaron becomes Kristine's saviour, to a point, but then she leaves him and embarks on a mission to save herself and help others. It's hard to believe that 4 years later, Aaron is waiting in the wings for when Kristine finally learns the truth about Logan. At times, The story was interesting, but at times, I wondered if it would ever end with Kristine learning the truth. It did!
Would have given five stars except for the horrific misspellings & auto word correct that inserted the wrong words. Are there no actual editors anymore? This reader should offer paid to read services. Seriously, unacceptably bad lack of copy editing. Excellent insight into the sociopath though and the struggles of a naive, spineless woman who is forced to make a stand. Although one doubts she would have had "Woodie" not provided the crowning intel. Are women really that whimpy?
Fern Michaels is one of my favorite authors, so I was very sure I'd like this book. I don't know why but I did identify with the wife in this book. I found the story very interesting and kept reading to find out if the husband got his due. No one should try to pull a stunt on his or her spouse or mistreat their children. If you like Fern Michaels, you'll like this book. I read it in a few days on my kindle. Try it.
I had a very hard time finishing this book! The first 30% of this book was so somber, gloomy and disturbing! Kristine was a less than good person who was too selfish in her own wants that her children took the brunt!!! Once the story progressed to the rehab of her life and home it still was a slow go. I thought there was too much of losing a good thing with Woodie yet the ending was good. I wouldn't read this twice where upon I always could re-read Fern Michaels books.
What a story! It was a little slow at first, but when the story accelerated, it was great all the way to the end. Logan was so slick & despicable whereas Woodie was a keeper! I had to wonder if they would be able to be together. It was just amazing how all the pieces fit together where Daniela moved from Africa, Maureen’s husband was ill, Woodie went to the Chinese restaurant & how Logan was rounded up & got his just due. Loved it!
A story about a very weak, submissive and silly woman. Why would an author celebrate such traits in women? I did not like the story line, did not like the main some characters (portrayed as stupid) and doubt I'll be reading anything by this author again. Unless the book is free.
I have not read a lot from this Author but this story was a delight to read. The story centers around a Wife & Mother who was thrown into a situation where she had to fight to survive. In todays world there are a lot of women around the world who are dealing with this same situation. In the end with her determination & the love of Family & a certain friend it all works out.

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