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» » Dead in the Water (Unabridged Books on CD)
Dead in the Water (Unabridged Books on CD)


Dead in the Water (Unabridged Books on CD)


Literature & Fiction

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Recorded Books (1997)





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Dead in the Water (Unabridged Books on CD)

I decided, after I retired, I'd go back and reread the authors I have enjoyed through the years. "New York Dead" got Stone Barrington off to a good start, it was nice to go back and remember his roots. "Dirt" was a bit of disappointment, but a good, not great, read. "Dead in the Water" was the book that left me thirsty for more, and rereading was a joy. It is fun to see technology develop through the years, and how Woods embraces it over the years.... And as the book ends, he will use some of the ill gotten gains to buy his first airplane. We now are getting to know the characters we are going to be following for the next 20, and we hope, many more years.

If you haven't read it read it, if you have and it is as long ago as I read it, read it again.
These are light mysteries - easy reading when you are at the pool or on the beach. Nothing too complicated. The lead characters, Stone Barrington (& his friends - Dino, etc) are likable characters with good personalities. They lead good fiction character lives, of course. With money, women, opportunities, etc. just falling into their laps on a regular basis. :) I would say that the leading man, Stone, who is supposed to be very smart, seems to have no qualms about jumping into bed with all manner of strange women at the drop off a hat. Even if he is dating someone else. His motto appears to be "love the one you're with" & love is not really the word. Ahem. You would think his days being a detective would make him a bit more cautious before inviting strangers into his life and his home but when it comes to beautiful women his brain seems to head south. Of course, then we wouldn't have half the story lines for these books. Still, they are fun reading and I hope Mr. Woods, who has visited my island of Sanibel several times, will continue to keep this series and characters alive. I am addicted to them now.
I’m only halfway through the book and not sure I’m going to bother finishing. It is too unbelievable for words. It’s getting to be an everyday occurrence for every woman he meets is gorgeous, rich and pulls him right into bed. Enough already. And Stone is proving to be not so bright. His first red flag should have been why wouldn’t the Merry Widow want to change her will “it reflects my wishes” when she already said she left everything to her husband — who is supposedly dead. Second, when he discovered that she had a sattelite phone that she says works anywhere in the world, why didn’t she call for help when her husband first “died”? This book is turning out to be just a little too juvenile for me.
Stone has the morales and ethics of a junk yard dog. The story could have been better with a few changes. Why did she not tell stone her husband was alive when facing hanging? Really.. stone has a ethical sense of duty to this woman's mother but nothing for the other woman or pilot, he just wrote them off. Jumps into bed with just about anyone even though he was going to ask arrington to marry him. I just don't like Stone and really don't like him after this book in the series. I ended up scanning through the middle and didn't really miss anything.
The only reason I couldn't give this book a five star rating is the length of the story. I was ready for it to end and it kept going a little to long. However, I read it in two sittings and fell in love with Stone Barrington and his partner. I am reading the third book in the Barrington series and am enjoying it as much as the first. If you enjoy getting completely wrapped up in a book and find yourself buying the next three before your finished with the first, this is the series for you. I'm so happy a friend of mine brought these books to my attention as they are older and aren't overly expensive.
I'm just now starting to read Stuart Woods after a zillion years of people telling me to try him out. Even though a lot of these earlier books are pre-technology (no cell phones, no laptops, etc), they are just as exciting as newer books - maybe even more so because there's no relying on tech to solve a case. This book was exciting, lots of eccentric characters, and a great ending.
This was the first Stuart Woods book I read, I have since read all of them. Loved all of them, especially the Stone Barrington series. They are a little simple and sometimes I question what is happening, but the are totally engaging. The start quick and don't spend a lot of time with a lot of descriptions. The story really takes off and I can never put the book down. Love them.
I have read four or five (I can't remember the exact number) of Woods' more recent books and they all pretty much average between two and three stars. I decided to take a chance of this older book. With the exception of seemingly ridiculous and numerous coincidences--that Woods loves to put in his books--this book kept me up at night as to see what was going to happen next. What kept this book from being a five star book was the aforementioned coincidences. Everyone seems to know everyone in this story. For instance (possible spoiler here) when a random reporter comes to the island to report on the situation, she coincidentally has heard of Stone Barrington (a regular cop/lawyer) from what was said about him in the press a few years earlier. Not only does she remember hearing about him in the papers, but she remembers every detail of his life. These types of coincidences happen frequently in this book, and this one in particular does nothing to further the plot. Anyway, with that aside, this is a good book. A lot better than many of his that I've read.

I was also delighted to see that nothing happened at Elaine's and that Dino only showed up in the last few pages. I hate Elaine's and Dino.

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