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» » The Glass Virgin: A Novel
The Glass Virgin: A Novel


Catherine Cookson


The Glass Virgin: A Novel


Literature & Fiction

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Simon & Schuster; First Edition edition (November 30, 2004)




Genre Fiction



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The Glass Virgin: A Novel by Catherine Cookson

Growing up amid the strict mores and stultifying traditions of Edwardian England's Redford Hall, Annabella Lagrange is forced to hide her father's terrible secret and turns to her beloved cousin, Stephen, until a terrible truth about her identity forces her to recreate her life. 25,000 first printing.
I've read Catherine Cookson off and on for years, since my 20's in fact. Every story is good; some a little better than others, but she really connects to the "common man or woman" so much better than lots of authors. Another great story by her and I've never read one of her books that I would not recommend. She's my favorite author for historical fiction and even modern day. So many books now days are nothing but sex; Catherine keeps it clean and I appreciate that. Highly recommend.
I very much liked this book. The time, the age, the culture are very interesting and the author does an excellent job fleshing out that part of the book. What I found less satisfying, however, were the characters. They were pleasant enough or villainous enough depending on their role in the book. There was not, however much complexity and because of that I did not feel drawn to any of them except in the most limited way. The plot line, too, was rather predictable and the ending was apparent from almost the get go.

An altogether pleasant book but certainly not Wuthering Heights.
After my sister read it, she told me I had to put it at the top of my "To Be Read Next." I did and am I glad. We both loved this book. I was somewhat surprised by the reviewer who said, in so many words, that Annabella's periods of hard times were over the top and hard to believe. That reviewer obviously has not read many historical novels. If she had, she would have learned that millions of people in this time period lived their entire lives starving, cold, and hopeless. This is my first Catherine Cookson book, but it definitely won't be my last.
Heartbreaking story of "riches to rag". About a young girl's struggles and determination to adapt to a changed circumstances of her life after having been gently brought up as a lady of quality her entire life.

The story is well written in a classic Cookson's magic. It has a happy ending of course but ( the happy ending) is too little and too short. I wish, at least, there was an epilogue.
Arabella V.
I enjoyed this novel by Catherine Cookson very much, being from a 'glass producing' state and have always been interested in the process and collection of glassware. The story itself was very intriguing, but the obvious research was quite well done and educational in regard to the process by which glass products are manufactured. Ms. Cookson was an excellent novelist of the 'working class' of England.
Does no one bother to proofread anymore? There are so many glaring misspellings and punctuation issues that it's taking away from the narrative. Though the story is interesting, I'm frustrated by the number of spelling errors on each page. I don't know if this exists in the hardcover version, but the kindle version is terrible.
This novel was very well written. I never lost interest at any time during this story. The main characters were very well developed. The way the main characters were depicted made me believe that they could have been actually alive. Overall, I loved The Glass Virgin! Bravo! I say to the author Catherine Cookson.
I have never read catherine cookson before, but this is only the first of many i will read in future. Her grasp of the society of the late 1800's is wonderful. I was entertained and informed. I loved this book. The story compelled my attention. I had to rush home each day to read more. The characters grow and change as the tale goes on. I highly recommend it.

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