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» » Whisper...He Might Hear You
Whisper...He Might Hear You


William Appel


Whisper...He Might Hear You


Literature & Fiction

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Pinnacle; First Pinnacle Books Printing edition (September 1, 1992)





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Whisper...He Might Hear You by William Appel

After a near fatal knife attack, criminal psychologist Dr. Kate Berman vows to stay out of the most recent case involving a sadistic killer of women--until an old police buddy draws her into the investigation. Reprint.
"This time he couldn't find one before he had swelled to bursting with his need for a death."
How's that for an opening line! This is the second book I've read by this author and for sure i'm going to read more.
Manhattan police are stumped by a serial killer whose victims seem to have nothing in common. The women are different races, different different ages, different physical looks, different jobs. What they do have in common is a great mystery which when we find out what it is shows how ingenious this writer is.Suspense is my favorie genre and it doesn't get any better that this! Terrific suspense, good writing, excellent story! Five stars.
If like me you love suspense get this book! Chief of Detectives Bill Dacey is stumped. He has a serial killer whose victims seem to have nothing in common.--not race or age or physical looks or occupations You'll never guess what they do have in common.But it's gone after they're dead making it virtuallyl impossible to learn what it is. Brilliant!Dacey recruits retired criminologist Kate Berman and her husband Josh former NYC ME to join him in a hunt for the killer. The killer has a genius i.q. He's movie star handsome.He's an excellent fighter and a millionaire.I'm going to break my own ruleof reserving 5 stars for works of genus. I give this book 5 stars not only because of the brilliance of the commonality of the victms but because of the non-stop suspense and depth of characterization..
Thomas Harris`s Hannibal Lechter used to be who I considered the most dangerous villain ever. That's before I read about Mr. Appel`s Carl Nasson who is a millionair, drop dead handsome, with a genious I.Q. a master of weapons and technology and disguises and a powerful physical fighter. Bill Dacey, N.Y. city Chief of Detectives is stymied. The victims of a serial killer seems to have nothing in common. They're different races, age groups, different looks, different occupations. What they do have in common is ingenious writing by Mr. Appeal. I won't give it away. But you`ll never guess, Dacey convinces his friend Kate Berman (criminologist) and her husband Josh (former m.e.) to help him identify the killer. Nasson kidnaps the Berman`s niece Jenny and there`s a race against time to rescue her. Super suspense, great characterization. Don't miss this one!
After reading this novel, be careful when you retire. You never know what may be lurking.

It was simply a matter of finding her, the one who must die; the one he must kill. Preparation is the key, he surmised. The reader follows every moment. Prepared, he leaves his apartment; a cruel, vicious, intelligent serial killer on the hunt.

Eight murders and counting and a stalled investigation. The chief of detectives recruits Kate Berman, criminologist, and her husband to help, which infuriates the killer. The case takes a new twist when he kidnaps Kate's niece. On both sides, everything becomes personal.

Always suspenseful or the shadow of suspense in this chilling, compelling mystery. Characters are tightly drawn and realistic for the most part. This is a high action thriller with touches of humor. The plot is well-developed; the ending may be anticipated (or not).

The darkest and brightest sides of humanity -- the novel keeps you reading. Reviewed by the author of The Children's Story, About Good and Evil.
When a serial killer murders eight women without leaving clues or motive, the chief of detectives Bill Casey seeks the help of a former criminologist Kate Berman who in the past was successful in profiling murderers. This time her efforts provoke the killer, Carl Nasson and he takes her niece, Jennifer. Will Kate be successful in helping the police capture Carl and rescue her niece? The pace is quick and will have you turnings pages to see what happens next.

Mr. Appel successfully develops the killer's character. Carl Nasson is intelligent, clever, and prideful in his skill of outwitting the police. Little by little, we get to understand why he kills and what sets him off to murder.

Even though I feel that the ending is a little too convenient and everything is wrapped up too nicely, I enjoyed Whisper He Might Hear You and recommend it for those who enjoy this genre.
Manhattan’s finest are puzzled by eight killings. Though the victims are seemingly unrelated victims, chief of detectives, Bill Dacey, is convinced they are the work of a single killer. He seeks the assistance of noted criminologist Kate Berman and her ME husband, Josh, to track down the killer, a wealthy, smart, but vicious killer.
Whisper He Might Hear You by William Appel is a chilling thriller that follows this indomitable trio as they race against time to stop a demented serial killer before the list of victims grows any longer.
Even though the killer’s identity is known from the early chapters, the author still manages to keep the reader guessing until the very end.
This was an excellent read!!! It kept my interest and the ending was exciting. I would recommend this author and this book.

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