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» » Crystalfire (The Demonslayers)
Crystalfire (The Demonslayers)


Kate Douglas


Crystalfire (The Demonslayers)


Literature & Fiction

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Zebra; Original edition (April 1, 2012)




United States

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Crystalfire (The Demonslayers) by Kate Douglas

The Demon King still lives, stronger than ever, devouring souls in search of immortality. Against him stands the scholar Taron, a newly-minted warrior of Lemuria, and Willow, a woman of unearthly loveliness, born of mist. . .SpellboundTaron must pass through the waterfall of molten gold that shields the secret portal to his beloved land. His brilliant mind and the speaking sword called CrystalFire are his weapons against evil. But nothing can protect him from the power of love. Willow, whom he once knew as a sprite who could dance in his hand, has been changed by a master stroke of magic into the form of a beautiful, highly sensual woman, desiring a thousand pleasures that she insists he alone can give her. Innocent and eager, Willow arouses his deepest needs and sexual hunger--and his love. He will risk all to save her, even if it means a battle to the death with the ultimate foe. . . "Douglas is on my keeper shelf!" --Alyssa Day, New York Times bestselling authorPraise for Kate Douglas's DemonSlayers Series"Perfectly entertaining!" --Romantic Times (4 stars) "Wildly entertaining. . . A fabulous new world for fans of the paranormal." --Jayne Ann Krentz, New York Times bestselling author
Lemurian Taron enjoys being an academic, but since the philosopher is partnered with the sentient sword CrystalFire, he must learn to act like a warrior too. He understands he must help the humans near Mount Shasta and his people deal with the demon invasion though CrystalFire feels his scholarly Lemurian is unsuited for combat against the Demon King, who plans his return from the abyss to breach the barriers between dimensions.

In combat with the Demon King, Taron is taken aback by a stunning side effect. Willow the sprite of the mists becomes a beautiful normal sized female though inside her is also Bumper the dog. Meanwhile the Demon King shows his adaptability when he possesses Ed Marks' body while Eddy and her sentient sword DarkFire are trapped in the Void; a place her lover Dax the former demon knows firsthand and guiltily knows his calling her led to the demon King sending her there. While Dax works on rescuing his beloved human, Taron and Willow begin falling in love as they team up to prevent the Demon King's diabolical scheme from happening.

The latest DemonSlayer romantic fantasy (see Starfire, Demonfire and Hellfire) is a super thriller that contains two strong prime subplots with each flowing nicely and converging to the delight of Kate Douglas' fans. Fast-paced and filled with action yet a strong romance, CrystalFire is an entertaining twisting tale.

Harriet Klausner
I read the earlier three "Demonslayers" books and was motivated to find this one. It is really just more of the same, but the characters are interesting.
Excellent as always. Kate Douglas always delivers an action packed
adventure shot through with romance and noble characters.
This book continues the story line and brings some closure.
LOve,love,loved it!!
These books kept me totally engaged from the first one to the last one. Loved everyone of them. The heroines and heroes were strong, exciting, and engaging. I enjoy stories in which the characters do not take themselves too seriously. Even in the midst of terrible fears and tragedy, they did not take themselves so seriously they could not see humor that is life.
great book and series
Was very happy with my purchase.
Crystalfire by Kate Douglas
Paranormal Romance -April 3rd, 2012
4 stars

CrystalFire is the forth full length novel in the author's Demon Slayers Futuristic series about men from an alternate world who hunt demons. These demons have invaded earth and they use their special swords to kill and protect. While it is not necessary to have read the prior book, many previous characters reappear particularly Eddy, the heroine from the first book DemonFire.

In CrystalFire, the handsome scholar and reluctant warrior Taron is on a hunt to find a powerful demon who is intent on taking his friend, Dax's power and using it for evil purposes. He is accompanied by a lovely sprite named Willow who has been transformed into a human sized woman - a beautiful and sensual woman that Taron can't stop thinking of! Willow has always had a crush on Taron and now she finally has the opportunity to seduce him... Taron wants Willow badly but a terrible prophecy he learned from his youth warns that if he ever falls in love he will experience unendurable pain, which makes him wary of love. But Toren finally realizes that Willow may be worth it all.

This was an amusing story. I liked that Eddy and Dax play prominent roles but my favorite sections were the grumpy sword that Taron carries named CrystalFire. The sword has a stubborn streak and is decidedly unfriendly but in a very funny way. I also liked that while Taron is intelligent and brave he doesn't have the cocky self confidence that makes some alpha heroes a bit overbearing. Instead I found his doubts very endearing especially as he tries to fight the full frontal temptation of Willow who wants him at all costs. But once Taron decides to love, there is no holding back his devotion. Willow was a very lucky sprite!

This book is definitely one of my favorites in the DemonSlayer series and will not disappoint avid fans of the series.

Reviewed by Steph from Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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