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» » Dangerous Ties
Dangerous Ties


Devyn Quinn


Dangerous Ties


Literature & Fiction

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Aphrodisia; Original edition (March 31, 2009)




Short Stories and Anthologies



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Dangerous Ties by Devyn Quinn

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Dangerous Ties by Devyn Quinn
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Dangerous Ties by Devyn Quinn
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Dangerous Ties by Devyn Quinn
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Experience the ultimate in wickedly erotic passion. . . "Personal Possessions" by Devyn Quinn A bad girl on the run meets a master of domination in a mysterious town called Helle--and Nikki Malone is about to be introduced to the most exquisite sensations by a man like no other. Jackson Sullivan meets her more than halfway . . . "Captive Heat" by Jodi Lynn Copeland Leia is compelled to explore her innermost desire: to be held captive by a dark, sensual god of a man. Sebastian's uncommon sexual skills are so potent she is ready to submit to him in every way. . . "Rapture Bound" by Anya Howard Gillian Nordstrom doesn't fear Bruce Wolff's hard body or his masterful touch. She craves the intense pleasure that only a dominant lover can give. . .and in return, she willingly obeys as he strips her down and satisfies all her secret desires. . . "Angelic orgies, darkest desires, masteries of true love. . .a gripping, wild read you won't want to put down." –TwoLips Romance
What a waste of money! The book didn't just have one bad story but 3 bad stories.I don't know which one was worse and at this point I don't care,those authurs just took 1hour of my time that I can't get back.They should pay me for even reading their crapy book anyway!sO PLEASE PLEASE save your money!
I usually enjoy the books from Aphrodisia, including most books with the theme I expected from one titled Dangerous Ties. The first two stories were decent but the settings were not what I was anticipating, and the third story by Anya Howard as descibed on the website and the back cover of the book is not the story actually contained in the book. Buyers beware! I don't know how the other reviewers did not notice or comment on this fact.
This book is a good read. But the cover has another title for Anya Howard's story in this book. The story on the back cove is "Rapture Bound" and in the book is "Liaison".Dangerous Ties
Personal Possesion by Devyn Quinn

Mortally wounded in a shootout over drug money Nikki finds herself in hell, where she is greeted by a naked man when she awakens. Jackson Sullivan plans to test her limits to determine how she will spend eternity. What will the future will hold for her?

Ms. Quinn really knows how to set the pages afire. Personal Possesion is such a hot story with a very dominant hero and an equally strong as well as wicked heroine. They are perfect match for each other. A scorching start for this anthology!

Captive Heat by Jodi Lynn Copeland

Leia finds herself bound in the hands of an unknown captor, after she set the house of her abusive ex-husband, Kane, on fire and lost consciousness. Sebastian is neither dead nor alive, but he desires Leia and what he desires he gets.

Ms. Copeland is well known for her great contemporary stories, but her paranormal story really rocks. This reviewer hopes that Captive Heart will not be her last paranormal.

Liason by Anya Howard

Marcel would to everything in his power to keep Carina out of the reach of the evil vampires, who terrorize the small European village.

Liason was this reviewer's first story by Ms. Howard and she made her really curious about her other works.

DANGEROUS TIES is an anthology that takes it readers on a trip to the wicked and kinky side of life and the afterlife. A must read for all fans of extremely hot and wicked stories, with a kinky touch.
"Personal Possessions" by Devyn Quinn. During a drug deal, Nikki is shot. When she awakens she is in bed naked with nude hunk Jackson who welcomes her to his Helle.

"Captive Heat," by Jodi Lynn Copeland. The explosion knocked Leia out. When she regains consciousness she finds herself naked and tied down by vines in the underground abode of Sebastian. He plans to wakes up naked, underground and bound with vines as Leia's captor teaches her acceptance as he explores her sensual boundaries

"Liaison" by Anya Howard. Marcel tries to keep his beloved Carina safe from the ancient vampire using a magic collar; while the villagers, as they for ages, perform sexual rites to restrain the evil that resides in their monastery.

These three romantic fantasy novellas are dark well written heated thrillers, but not for everyone as the hunks in the Quinn and Copeland tales teeter on the line between mutually accepted bondage and abuse; on the other hand that also makes them seem plausible as they somewhat remain in character even when they find a love mate. This also leaves the Howard entry different as the lead male is a pure hero fighting a pure evil over the woman he cherishes. Sub-genre fans will enjoy the DANGEROUS TIES that bound the lead characters to one another.

Harriet Klausner
What a spicy anthology! I thoroughly enjoyed the stories by Devyn & Jodi Lynn but Anya's Liaison fell short. To be honest, I didn't even think it was that erotic. According to the book jacket, the story by Anya should have been Rapture Bound.
I would like to follow up and agree with most people that this was a terrible book. Reading the front cover and the back cover does not indicate that it is a fantasy book. The first character does not pass through a "town" called Helle. She is in actual Hell. The second story was so terrible I skimmed it and the last story - as someone noted - is not even the story advertised on the back of the book. Reading the back of the cereal box is better than this drivel.

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