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» » Night Fire
Night Fire


Vonna Harper


Night Fire


Literature & Fiction

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Aphrodisia; First Edition edition (December 1, 2007)




United States



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Night Fire by Vonna Harper

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From The Ashes . . . It's always been Hayley McKeon's secret passion to make it as a jeweler, to take a perfect stone and create a beautiful work of art. Single again and ready for a change, Hayley decides to abandon the ashes of her old life and embrace her dream. Comes The Spark . . . Strolling along the aisles of a gem show, Hayley is drawn to a stunning display of rare black opals. She is seduced by the smoothness of the stones and by the mesmerizing swirl of color within their depths. Then she meets Mazati, the owner of the opals, and she is shaken by the intense spark of passion she feels for this mysterious man. Of Red-Hot Desire . . . The moment Hayley touches Mazati, her body quivers with need. Incredibly aroused, she allows him to run his hands over her body, rake his fingers through her hair, and possess her in a deep, penetrating kiss. Suddenly reality slides away as she imagines the ultimate surrender, bound in place, completely naked, and aching for release . . . a slave to sweet, sexual desire.
I've read almost every dom/sub book out there. This is by far the best i've read. I'm not into the pain and humiliation aspect of d/s and that is a completely absent from this story. It is completely focused on trusting a man to pleasure a woman.
in waiting
This plot was odd and hard to understand. Mazati was a warrior in the ancient Mexican Aztec civilization before the Aztecs were destroyed by Cortez. A god gave him immortality for the purpose of spreading the truth about the Aztecs to people in the future. It is now current day. Hayley creates jewelry using gemstones. She goes to a gemstone fair to buy stones and meets Mazati. He transports the two of them back in time to an Aztec pyramid. He ties her, puts a collar on her, and tells her she is the only one who can help him, but he won't tell her why or what he needs. He only tells her she must be his sex slave, willing to be bound and submit to both pain and pleasure. They have several encounters like this where he takes her back in time, and then returns her to the present. It seemed like most of the book consisted of these bondage scenes. More often than not, he arouses her sexually but doesn't let her finish which leaves her frustrated. By the end of the book I was still confused as to why he had to use bondage to accomplish whatever goal it was he needed to do. He also claimed she must submit her soul to him, but I didn't see how that part came into the story, if it did. He showed her some scenes of people in his past. I would have liked more explanation of what they were doing and why. This book may appeal to readers interested in the bondage scenes, but I wanted more plot and character development and emotional connection.

Minor but annoying point: the cover picture does not match content. Hayley's fingernails are short due to her work. The cover picture shows long painted nails. Mazati uses ropes and leather to tie Hayley. The picture shows modern day metal chains with fur cuffs. Hayley made a line of jewelry using black opal stones with red colors inside. Night Fire is the name she gave to this jewelry line. It would have been nice to see some of this jewelry on the cover or at least one of the stones. Instead the cover showed flames coming from an actual fire.

Story length: 267 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: strong/erotic. Quantity of sex scenes: more than half of the book. Includes rear door activity, sex toys and spanking. Setting: present day possibly U.S. and ancient Aztec locations. Copyright: 2007. Genre: erotic time travel romance.
Save your money. I hate to write a negative review but I also hate to waste my money and my time. This book was so repetitive it was all I could do not to skim it til the end. The author had a good idea for the novel but the follow-up was poor. The main characters were poorly-written and by the end of the book I had no investment or empathy for them. I read a short e-book by this author that I liked pretty well (something with Cougar in title) but this was not very good in my opinion.
Hayley McKeon has always dreamed of becoming a jeweler whose work is well received. However, she put her aspirations on hold when she married. Now divorced, she wants to pursue her life's goal: to become a first rate jeweler.

At a gem show, Hayley finds most of the displays boring. That is until she spots a showcase of beautiful black opals. These gems have a perfect sensual texture and a mesmerizing pattern that has her dreaming of what she can do with them. However, she is more stunned by her instant attraction to the owner of these precious gems, Mazati; especially since she has sworn off men since her marriage ended. This Aztec warrior has her dreaming more than just about his gems. He soon takes her into a realm of sensual bondage like nothing she felt before

Using Aztec mythos to enhance a modern day erotic romance, NIGHT FIRST is a refreshing entertaining tale that will hook the audience from the first moment the heroine notices the opals. Like Hayley, readers will find the hero mystifying yet sensual as he struggles to control his desires while dominating the submissive jeweler who appreciates his stones (opal and otherwise). Mazati brings a unique NIGHT FIRE to this heated bondage tale.

Harriet Klausner

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