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» » Star Bright (Harrigan Family)
Star Bright (Harrigan Family)


Catherine Anderson


Star Bright (Harrigan Family)


Literature & Fiction

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Berkley; F First Edition, First Printing edition (January 6, 2009)




Genre Fiction

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Star Bright (Harrigan Family) by Catherine Anderson

New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson presents an emotionally compelling story about the hard as nails, fiercely loyal Harrigan family…Faking her own death to escape her murderous husband, Rainie Hall takes refuge in the rural community of Crystal Falls, Oregon, where she starts work as a bookkeeper on a horse ranch run by rugged, dangerously good-looking Parker Harrigan.   Parker’s word is his honor, and he can’t tolerate liars. When he realizes that Rainie hasn’t been truthful with him, he’s furious, then concerned. Clearly she’s a woman in trouble and if she’ll trust him, he’ll do right by her. But as their attraction blossoms into a deep and thrilling passion, Rainie fears that her mere presence could jeopardize everything the Harrigan family holds dear...
Peter studied, courted and married three heiresses. The first two died under mysterious circumstances. The third is Rainie. He beat and abused her. She believes he plans to kill her, so she fakes her death and runs away using a false identity. She gets a job as a bookkeeper for Parker, a horse breeder on a ranch. When Parker discovers she lied on her job application Rainie believes she must run again. Parker guesses her circumstances and convinces her to stay on, even though she will not tell him any details other than her real first name.

Most of the book was wonderful. I loved how smart and careful Rainie and Parker were. I loved how Parker slowly charmed Rainie over time. I loved how Rainie slowly began healing and did some other things that I don't want to give away as spoilers. One of my favorite parts was the role Loni played when she first met Rainie. As I was reading, I thought "I agree with two statements on the back cover of the book," "heartwarming, gently sensual" and "emotionally involving, family-centered, and relationship-oriented." I think a person who experienced an abusive relationship would find some healing comfort in this story. Parker is a perfect hero, gentle, loving, devoted, patient and also a strong protector.

A couple of times the book was a little slow, but during most of the book I had various good feelings. My problem was the end of the book. I was angry and frustrated at the stupid (and careless) things done by Parker, Raine, and the police. See Spoiler below.

Story length: 408 pages. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 3. Total number of sex scene pages: 10. Setting: current day Seattle, Washington, and Crystal Falls, Oregon. Copyright: 2009. Genre: romantic suspense.

I was angry at the police dispatcher for not believing that Rainie was in danger and wasting precious minutes making Parker justify why the dispatcher should send help. Then I was angry at Parker and Rainie for not informing everyone at the police station that there was a chance that a serial killer may be after Rainie and at least to be on alert for a phone call. A protective order had been issued against the killer, and it was a small police department. Everyone there should have known about it. Then I was angry at Parker and Rainie for the following. They make plans to get married. They meet with a Catholic priest who doesn't want them to live together before the wedding. Therefore, Rainie continues to live alone in her low-income apartment 30 minutes away. What happened to being smart? Peter is a psychopathic serial killer wanting revenge. At the least, Rainie could have stayed with Parker's father or sister (on their high-security ranches) for the time before the wedding. Because of that, the killer was able to get to Rainie. I wish the author had come up with a clever way for the killer to get to her even though she was being smart and careful. In Donna M's review, I loved her idea of using a body double as bait instead of Rainie. That would have been smart and interesting.
Well, for any Catherine Anderson fan, especially those fans of the Kendrick-Coulter-Harrigan series, this is a must read. That being said, I was disappointed in this book. It was certainly highly anticipated and no matter what I will continue to read all books by this author, but this one just didn't stand above the rest. First of all, the storyline was predictable and common, lacking any new elements to set it apart. I didn't really feel the love between the characters and Parker's immediate acceptance of Rainie's lies wasn't believable enough for me. The way he came to put two and two together was just a bit too convenient.

The story flowed well overall, and of course, it was great to catch up with our other favorites from the clan. It's just that on the whole this story lacked the "oomph" I've come to love from Catherine Anderson's books. Usually there is something unique about one character in each story and that's what sets C. Anderson's books apart from the pack and I just didn't feel it here. Rainie just seems like another battered wife who Meets Parker, another dashing cowboy.

So, as I said, for die hard fans this story is a must. For someone who is new to Catherine Anderson, definitely choose another book to start with. I recommend Baby Love or Phantom Waltz.
This is a story about a young woman who was taken in by a serial killer. He conned her, married her, stole all her money, then abused her physically, sexually and psychologically. Then she escaped. The story starts with her escape. The story talks about the abuse without all the graphic play by plays. The heroine meets up with the hero. He helps her by teaching her self defense and giving back her self confidence.

It is a stand alone book with no cliff hangers. It is in the series but even if you read no other book in this series you won't be lost. I love all of Anderson's contemporary romance books! Her books are well worth the money.
This is one of my favorites -- we all see the headlines of so & so being tried for the murder of a wife and we all think "well why the heck didn't she LEAVE???" -- well this is one who did, and we never think about how difficult it would really be to "disappear" from a spouse with money and enough of a control-freak to find you so as to leave "no witnesses". This is the kind of story Catherine Anderson is really good at ... she understands "damaged people" and she also understands the limits within which our justice system has to operate. And a long the way developes a really good love story that goes beyond "I love you, let's jump into bed".
the first i think in learning of the original Coulter family even tho they started out as Paxton's it became the Coulter family when Eden Paxton married Matthew Coulter then they had Jack ,Zeke, Tucker and Isaiah, Hank and Bethanny which led to another Family series I fell in Love reading the Harrigan's ... which once again I have wished I could have lived in their small town just to know them...Catherine Anderson knows how to draw you into the lives and loves of these characters ... here is a Harrigan family book
Love these books
I was so excited to sit down and read this book ! And at the begining of the story it was pretty good but then when Raine gets the job with Parker there were way to many lunch scenes. It felt like the whole setting was in this tiny office and they where having lunch day in and day out. That got boring to read. I also that their where too many cowboy sayings from Parker and is language was off. That bothered me plus the guy talked way too much. I rushed through the last few chapters becuase I just lost interest.
Dancing Lion
Raina is hiding from an abusive husband when she gets a bookkeeping job on a horse ranch. Parker Harrigan hates abusers and offers to help. The abuse trickles out in memory flashes, but the villain in the flesh is not very impressive. The romance is the selling point.
enjoyed thoroughly

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