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» » The Thomas Berryman number
The Thomas Berryman number


James Patterson


The Thomas Berryman number


Literature & Fiction

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Sphere (1978)







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The Thomas Berryman number by James Patterson

As a JAMES PATTERSON fan i was really surprised to learn that this was one his very first novels. The Thomas Berryman Number is what all of James Patterson's books are, A heck of a good story, full of surprises and impossible to put down until the very end. In the The Thomas Berryman Number you can see that James Patterson was destined to become a literary giant. His writing style, his larger than life characters and the way you fall for his wonderful characters is all there. You will definitely enjoy this book, I rate it 5 star's.
I read this book years ago but I recently started down-sizing my library and life in general. I had given approximately 900 hard copies of books to a nearby nursing home along with bookcases. One of the patients there had been looking for something to read when we took all the bookcases and boxes of books inside. She immediately noticed this book and said what I have been saying for years: "I love James Patterson's early books! This is one I have read at least five times!" I responded that all of his books were in the many boxes and she now had the chance to read all of them again. She started crying because she couldn't believe that anyone would give away a library of that many books rather than sell them! We talked about Mr. Patterson's many books and how the earliest were his best. The Thomas Berryman Number is one that I have read approximately a dozen times, so I just downloaded it to my Kindle! Now I can read his best ones again and again. THIS is one of those books that you will read over and over. Like the classics, Mr. Patterson can produce excellent writings and this is one of his best. Enjoy!
Honestly it was hard to far my least favorite from this author...the only reason i did finish it was because i decided to read all of james pattersons books from the started off really choppy and unintersting but got slightly better at the end...i found myself having to reread a lot of paragraphs just to try to remember what i just read....which has never been an issue with any of the other books ive read by glad I read this tho so i can see how far he has come as a writer!
This book is definitely NOT one of Patterson's better thrillers. I understand now why he teams up with other writers. He jumps back and forth in time, so it was hard for me to keep up with what happened when, and I never did figure out WHY unless it was just Southern "melanophobia." Patterson uses some weird descriptions and phrases that are either jingoistic or very regional. I read it all because I promised myself that I would read everything he has written. But if he has produced many more like this one, I may break a promise to myself and go back to Crouch and Konrath..
Little Devil
If I have been properly informed this is the first book written by Mr. Patterson. It had its moments of interest, and it was written in a manner that was both professional and literary. It fell short everywhere else. Most importantly, it was very difficult to follow the timeline. It was confusing, and poorly addressed. I'm still not sure what year the murder of Jimmy took place. When writing across so many years, then months and days, then back again, it is important to keep the reader where the reader needs to be. I didn't care for any of the characters, except perhaps Jimmy...and I would have liked to know a bit more about him, I suppose. Despite a sluggish start, I will read more of Mr. Patterson.
If this had been the first James Patterson book I had ever read I would have stop. I forced myself to read the whole thing (only because I spent money on it) and I couldn't tell you what the point of it was. Very hard to follow. Very hard to understand. Just awful. Thankfully I started with the
Alex Cross books which I enjoyed a lot. Hard to imagine a publisher liked this one and thought it would be a good idea to put into print.
I have read most every James Patterson book he has written but I did not enjoy this one as much as I did all the others. Most of the time I read his books in a couple of three days but this one did not keep me interested in it as it jumped around a lot going back in time. Of course I will continue to get his new ones as they come out but this one just wasn't one of his best,
I am a huge James Patterson fan and love the Alex Cross and the Women's Murder Club series.
However, I found this book hard to follow and had to keep backtracking to check on characters.
The chapters were much longer than I'm used to from Mr. Patterson, which I have no problem with
but the book lacked the cohesiveness of his later novels. In all honesty if this had been my
first experience with Mr. Patterson, I don't know if I'd have been interested in reading more of
his novels. Fortunately that was not a problem and I now have more James Patterson's novels on
my Kindle than any other author. Keep up the great work.

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