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» » The Cherokee Dragon: A Novel of the Real People
The Cherokee Dragon: A Novel of the Real People


Robert J. Conley


The Cherokee Dragon: A Novel of the Real People


Literature & Fiction

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St. Martin's Press; 1st edition (March 10, 2000)




Genre Fiction



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The Cherokee Dragon: A Novel of the Real People by Robert J. Conley

Acclaimed novelist Robert J. Conley once again mines the history of his people, the Cherokee. In a fascinating and compelling novel, he explores the life of Dragging Canoe, the last great war chief of the united Cherokee tribe.In the late eighteenth century, as the English settlers begin steadily encroaching upon the Cherokee lands, the Nation-split up amongst several towns and many chiefs-unties in a series of battles under the war chief Dragging Canoe. But the united front is not one that lasts: Dragging Canoe's belief that they must fight the settlers to preserve their lands and their culture is far from universal. As strife wracks the Cherokee nation and the settlers begin to rebel against the English government, Dragging Canoe's fight-and the fight of his followers-becomes the last armed struggle of the Real People against the government of the (then new) United States, a final, united struggle against the tide of history.
auth-ROBERT J CONLEY-okla. Cherokee-2000-289pgs.

---1738 to 3/1/1792--died of a heart attack..54yrs.

He was a NIPISSING Indian -- was adopted by the Cherokee.

Conflicts lasted for a decade after the Amer.REV. War.

The Muskogee(creek)-Chickasaw and Shawnee fought with

********** A great MAN ! ********** A true STORY!

would be destroyed was almost true. But like the soaring
eagles in his visions the Cherokee Nation thrives once

ONE OF THE most SIGNIFICANT indian LEADERS e v e r !

okc ok

*my husbandd is OKLA. CREEK.
Conley wrote a book on his
great great gfather-CRAZY
I am thrilled to add this book to my library because the Cherokee Dragon is a member in my family tree.
Very interesting. Chief dragging canoe is actually a distant relative of my husband which makes the legend much more interesting.
This novel is a fictionalized account of the life of Dragging Canoe, an 18th century Cherokee war chief. While the basic facts, events and battles are fairly well in order, there are some glaring errors. This author seems to fail to understand what matriarchy means. He references a male character longing for a son as his heir. In Cherokee culture of the time, the man's political heir would have been his sister's oldest son. As a historian whose works have been published by the Cherokee nation one would expect better. This novel's point of view give credence to some critics who have labeled Conley as a propagandist for a particular status quo within the Cherokee nation's history. In the words of the late Wilma Mankiller, the history of the Cherokee in the past 400 years is the history of the struggle against patriarchial colonialism. Based upon this work, Conley fails to grasp this concept.
It was very good. I enjoyed it probably a bit more than most. It was a story about my Family ☺
Book is good, didn't care for the high lighting. Sent response is very good. Wouldn't mind ordering other Robert J. Conley books without high lighting or other marking from these people.
Cherokee Dragon is the 3rd Robert J Conley historical fiction novel that I have read; previously I read Mountain Windsong and Wil Usdi. I appreciate the author’s balanced treatment of Cherokee history, his works are well researched, his prose flows easily. The novel’s protagonist is the great war Chief Tsiyu Gansini (Dragging Canoe) who led the united Cherokee tribe during the turbulent times leading up to and following the Revolutionary War.
Until I was 15 years old, I lived in Oklahoma and was vaguely aware that I was part Cherokee. Beyond learning that Sequoyah, (inventor of the Cherokee alphabet), was part of our family tree and that my great, great grandmother came to Indian Territory via the infamous Trail of Tears, I knew little of Cherokee history. I learned in school that the Cherokee Nation, (one of the 5 Civilized Tribes), welcomed the white man and eagerly took up their ways. As a youngster, I was disappointed that my indian ancestors were not more like the exciting and famous indian warriors that stood up to the white invasion into their land. Although on one hand I was disappointed, nevertheless I was proud that at least I had some Native American blood in me. In reading Robert Conley's, CHEROKEE DRAGON, I learned that the Cherokee Nation did have a Warrior Chief who chose to stand and fight against the "confiscation by treaty" of their homes and land. Conley's historical chronicle of Dragging Canoe and the conflicting decisions that faced tribal leaders gives a balanced insight and understanding of the Cherokee politics of the time. Conley does not attempt to defend the new "Americans," and likewise, he offers no defense of the Cherokees, neither those that chose peace nor those that chose resistance. I grew to appreciate and respect the thoughtfulness and reasoning that went into their decisions. Conley presents a portion of Cherokee history that took place before, during and after America's War of Independence, through the eyes of those who became known as The Real People. CHEROKEE DRAGON is a most enjoyable page turner!

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