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» » I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence
I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence


Amy Sedaris


I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence


Humor & Entertainment

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Hachette Audio (October 16, 2006)





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I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris

An unconventional hostess offers a warm and witty guide to the art of entertaining, furnishing a treasury of recipes, helpful advice, and offbeat tips on how to pull off a party with extraordinary flair regardless of the occasion, covering such topics as unique dishes to serve alcoholics, the secrets to a successful children's party, arts and crafts ideas, and more. Simultaneous.
The pictures make me want to vomit but I think that was kind of the point. They're like those old-school ladies home magazine photos, when people did way too much baking with gelatin and tuna. I absolutely love the work of both David and Amy Sedaris. I was expecting this to be more of a "reading" book, and it's more of a flip-thru satirical home-making book, which is fine by me. Great coffee table piece!
Amy Sedaris makes me laugh out loud on every page! Buried in her zany advice on planning, launching, and closing down a party, is some really good practical advice on cooking and entertaining. Crafty and kitschy illustrations and pictures are delightful, fun, and can be mimicked. I especially liked her etiquette advice on inappropriate introductions for example: “This is Barbara, she can’t have children.” Etiquette faux pas that I’ve actually thought to myself, even witnessed someone else carry out, and Sedaris captures our own mischievous thoughts with great hilarity.
Is this book supposed to be funny or serious? I honestly cannot tell. My guess is that it was intended to be funny, but the humor is so weak that I am scratching my head trying to decide. No Ruby Ann Boxcar, that`s for sure.
Perfect for : Personal Use, Hostess Gift, General Gift

In a nutshell: When I first opened this book, I laughed because of all the humor (it really IS a fun book), but then I started to read it and found that I was amazed at all the helpful information it contained! Learn to cook with new recipes, learn how to host a kids party (this can be harder than it sounds!), write a letter to a celebrity asking for an autograph, what to wear to the doctor's office, how to bury (or memorialize) a pet. . . you will find these and many other great tips throughout the book! Not only was it fun, but it was helpful too! Plus, many of the recipes include pictures and they look and sound very yummy! I highly recommend that you get a copy for yourself and get a few extras to give as hostess gifts and birthday/Christmas gifts for the woman who enjoys entertaining and has a great sense of humor . . . or needs one!

PS - make sure you set aside your regular menu and add some of these great recipes in - they really are great!

Extended Review:
Content: The book includes a chapter on "The Art of Hospitality," and sections titled: Hospitality in Action, Jackpot Recipes, Pantyhose, Crafts, And Good Ideas.

Amy has shared her best recipes, hints and tips for 23 different entertaining occasions, including: a blind date, an unexpected guest, grieving, ladies night, entertaining the elderly, when you get to play nurse, clubs, gift giving, etc.

Each entertaining chapter is filled with recipes, tips, tricks and a LOT of humor! But on a serious note, when talking about grieving and funerals, I was not previously aware that you should ask a friend or neighbor to house-sit while at the funeral as some robbers will watch the obituaries and try to break-in while everyone is at the funeral. I mentioned this fact to my sister-in-law, who knew about this fact and has done some house-sitting for friends who were at a funeral. I was amazed that I didn't know this common fact and very thankful to have read it in this book!

Format: Filled with pictures, drawings, recipes, notes, tips, explanations, and real ideas for entertaining situations.

Readability: Fun and easy to read!

Overall: This is such a fun and entertaining, not to mention really helpful book! You won't be able to read through this book without cracking a smile! I think it is a must for every kitchen, and a really great hostess gift for a woman with a good sense of humor.
This book is hilarious and insanely useful. The pictures, the Doodles on the side, and the little notes seriously make me laugh super hard. Aside from that, there are tons of useful tips and a little tidbits on etiquette that I never really thought about. I now know how to throw a party!
I wanted to wait a while before writing a review for this wonderful book. I read it cover-to-cover after receiving my copy from Amazon. I wanted to make sure it's as fantabulous as it seemed on first read.

As a lifestyle book, the hints are sometimes cheeky-snarky and sometimes serious and practical. As a humor book, Sedaris hits the mark just about every time. Visually, the layout is great and the art is varied and fun (I can't decide which I prefer: the photos or the illustrations). You can read the book repeatedly and still catch new things each time.

For me, this book has worked best as a cookbook. I've tried several of the recipes and only had one that didn't turn out (the Swiss cheese puffs). The cheeseballs have been especially wonderful. I have learned a lot from the tips and tricks and have relaxed about cooking. The 15 minute meals in 20 minutes section seems silly at first glance but provides some groundwork for basic cooking that I think even seasoned cooks can use.

What I learned from the book was about relaxing, whether in terms of cooking, entertaining or just life in general. I was never an uptight cook or baker but I often felt that entertaining was a lot of pressure. My teachers ranged from my mother to Martha Stewart, neither of whom would suggest a sombrero with a brimful of chips = Fiesta Night. This book has given me confidence in entertaining and cooking. Who knew that you could make "fruit salad" with a can of fruit cocktail and a little Cool Whip?

I don't know how there could be any kind of follow-up book, since this one is so jam-packed, but I hope there is. Only complaint: Not all the pages were numbered (what's that about?) but that problem was easily solved with a mini-Sharpie. It's not even worth docking a star.

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