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» » My Yellowstone Years: The Life of a Park Ranger
My Yellowstone Years: The Life of a Park Ranger


Donald C. Stewart


My Yellowstone Years: The Life of a Park Ranger



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Wilderness Adventure Books; No Additional Printings Listed edition (March 1989)







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My Yellowstone Years: The Life of a Park Ranger by Donald C. Stewart

This is the story of thirteen summers in Yellowstone National Park, 1951-63, where Donal Stewart worked, first as a dishwasher, then as a summer park ranger and ranger-naturalist.

Learn about primitive living conditions, eccentric people and bears, hours of fishing on park streams, long hikes into remote Yellowstone and Teton backcountry, and the Hebgen Earthquake of 1959.

Most of all, itÂ’s the story of a unique rite of passage experienced by generations of young Americans who have worked in the great national parks of North America.

fire dancer
I recently came across this out-of-print book and enjoyed every line of it.

Stewart writes with a strong voice and it's easy to relate to his emotions and reasons. Even through the challening times, his enthusiasm for Yellowstone remains unbound.

You can relive a first-hand account of the Hegben Lake Earthquake and you are bound to be frustrated by some of the administrative problems Stewart has faced. The writing flows along like a wild and beautiful Yellowstone stream; sometimes deep and slow - and sometimes challenging and fast.

At the end of the book you will feel as if you are sitting around that Madison campfire, while Stewart is personally telling you his story...
I enjoyed reading about the experiences of Donald Stewart in one of my favorite places on earth. Stewart is a good writer and even everyday experiences in the park are interesting. I recommend this book to anyone who has visited Yellowstone or who wants to go.

Carole Thayne

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