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» » The Interior Castle or the Mansions (Christian classics)
The Interior Castle or the Mansions (Christian classics)


The Interior Castle or the Mansions (Christian classics)


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The Interior Castle or the Mansions (Christian classics)

I'm a Russian Occupant
I just finished reading this incredible book by such a magnificent Saint and Doctor of the Church. St. Teresa's voice truly speaks in this book through her very personal writing style. It is hard to find such beautifully authentic faith and humility in the world, and St. Teresa truly bathes your heart in it through the spiritual journey of entering into the 7th Mansion. It would be a certain sentence or a paragraph that she would describe and my heart would just be pierced to the extent of choking up and my eyes welling up at the exact truth my soul felt. The exact same things I'd think or experience in my redemptive journey back to Christ. It is truly a beautiful spiritual book that glorifies His Majesty our Lord God Almighty, and how we can through His Mercy and our humility share in that glorious peace.
I love this book but I imagine it's not something everyone would enjoy. I'm a Christian but I'm not a Roman-Catholic. I found it an interesting insight into the mind of a 16th century nun, but for me the greatest value of this book is her spiritual perspective on prayer, which is the main theme of the book. She is obviously a seasoned veteran of prayer with great personal experience of communion with God. Reading her accounts of ecstatic experiences and her love of God is inspiring to me, as I'm sure it would be to anyone interested in deepening their relationship with God. There are moments wherein the writing is somewhat clunky and awkward but there are great heights of rapturous communion with God.
This book is NOT on an expectable level or condition. This book is NOT a "story". This is a spiritual road map. It will certainly strike some as dated, it is. Some wont like the self descriptives... Get over it. This book was written in 1577. I've read a number of books of this ilk and this is the first one that actually "gets it". If you're looking for exciting reading thiss probably wont work for you. This book may put you in touch with how to consider your soul in a different way. Understand I'm reading spiritual or soul manuals from the 300 and 1300 a.d. era and the first thing to remember is these people didn't have to decide how to split their time between spiritualism and tv or the computer or the games or face book. This book was written by a SAINT. She wanted nothing as much as to be closer to her God. Do I like how she sees herself? NO. She simply knows more about the immortal soul than 99% of the people who ever lived. If you weren't sure; I love this book.
I learn by seeing, visualizing. St. Teresa of Avila presents a brilliant model -- actually a divinely inspired model -- of how Christian interior spiritual progress or growth may be visualized. She presents a picture: there is a castle of many rooms or mansions, and the center or highest mansion is occupied by the King, our Father God Almighty. A novice on the journey to the center begins in exterior mansions, and she describes those mansions and their inhabitants and the kinds of real world experiences the novice expects to have there. I so easily saw myself in the "outer" mansions that as I read I just knew that her description of the inner mansions must be accurate. She's been there herself, and she's watched others make their journeys. She tells us what to expect as we progress, and with this model gives us a way to measure our progress while simultaneously showing us how to make that progress. It's like a guidebook to travel into deeper and deeper levels of interior spiritual life. That in itself is immeasurably valuable, but the reading is a very sweet treat. I could taste her dear, sweet, saucy, humorous, fearless personality, her utterly alluring femininity and simply awesome humility. I fell in love with her and can't imagine ever falling out of that love. Her fans over the centuries probably number in the millions. This is a treasure and a treat on many, many levels. To think that she had to be ordered to write it, and then that she wrote it while so severely afflicted with physical illness and pain! No doubt she is a saint; I can't wait to meet her someday.
Nothing more can be added to what has already been said in the other reviews. However, I do want to lend my voice in support of this translation by Allison Peers. The Interior Castle that I first read was this translation. I still prefer it to all others, although I also enjoy the Kavanaugh translation. I experienced a true conversion of heart reading the "Interior Castle," for in it I found validation in the spiritual experiences I had been having up till that point. This is why I heartily recommend this book.
Not all are mystics like Teresa of Avila, nor are all intellectuals like Thomas Aquinas. One is not superior to the other. This writing is for the mystic. Her writing and aided by the translation of E. Allison Peers, is so conversational and written in a down to earth and highly accessible language style. Not written in ivory tower scholarly dialogue, but it is, at the same time, quite lofty.

Sr. Teresa is a tour guide through the mansions of prayer with the utmost reverence for our Lord, obedience, and charity for the faith. She gives practical insights to scripture, and how to know what is really from God, and what is from the deceiver. I loved it, and found it highly comforting. I couldn't put it down and took so many notes that I've referred back to. Highly recommended.
This Christian classic on advanced prayer is a great follow-up to FIRE WITHIN by Thomas Dubay. We who call ourselves Christian generally have no idea of how to seek and to attain increasing union with the God of all creation!. Build Him a castle in your heart. I recommend this not be the first book on growth in prayer for those who desire to enliven their their spiritual experience But it is a beautiful description of the wonder and awe that fills us as we contine to persue the Lord.

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