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Georges M. Halpern




Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Square One; 1 edition (May 1, 2005)




Diseases and Physical Ailments



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Zinc-Carnosine by Georges M. Halpern

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More than 4 million Americans are diagnosed annually with peptic ulcer disease. The resulting gastritis--inflammation of the stomach--causes heartburn, nausea, acid reflux, gas, and stomach pain. For years, relief from these symptoms came in the form of antacids, dietary changes, and, in some cases, surgery. When it was discovered that ulcers were actually caused by a bacterium, antibiotics became the treatment of choice. While more effective than previous attempts at relief, this cure came with its own set of risks, ranging from often-severe side effects to the development of drug-resistant bacterial strains. For many, the problems caused by this treatment outweighed the benefits.

Now, a major nutritional scientific breakthrough offers a safe, simple, and totally natural approach to treating this gastric problem. Zinc-Carnosine is the remarkable story of a new dietary supplement that has been proven to heal ulcers and relieve its symptoms. Here, you’ll learn of Zinc-Carnosine’s discovery, its decade of clinical studies as an alternative therapy, and its US patent approval. You’ll also learn of the hidden dangers of antacid treatments. Just as important, you will discover how Zinc-Carnosine can be used to successfully treat ulcers.

If you or a loved one suffers from ulcers, you know that the cures can often be as problematic as the condition itself. In Zinc-Carnosine, you’ll discover how this unique supplement is offering a safe and effective treatment to millions of ulcer sufferers.

This is a short book about the benefits of using zinc carnosine to treat ulcers. The authur, Dr. Georges Halpern is an MD with a PhD in Pharmacy. The book is divided into three sections 1. Peptic ulcer disease, 2. A short history of ulcer treatments and 3. A natural approach to treating ulcers tha focuses mainly on zinc carnosine.. Zinc carnosine and PepZinGI has been prescribed in Japan for treating ulcers for many years. Dr Halpern describes it's use for treating ulcers as well as a healing agent for the stomach lining a well. It is a well written book that offers a good natural treatment< with documentation, for ulcers and potentially other stomach irritations.
Some excellent patient outcomes have been obtained, using the Zinc Carnosine supplements discussed in this book. The science presented is solid and credible and the Zinc Carnosine has worked well for erosive gastritis and peptic ulcers, with considerable relief occuring in days.

One patient who had been on acid blocking medications for years required Vitamin B12 injections to treat her pernicious anemia.

At least one published study found zinc carnosine can reduce or prevent damage to the intestinal lining, caused by indomethicin, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Measurements of urine Rhamnose to Lactulose ratios revealed zinc carnosine reduced excess intestinal permeability. Gut. 2007 February; 56(2): 168-175.

Since Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Molbdenum all compete with each other for absorption, testing for levels of all of these minerals would be wise, if Zinc Carnosine is continued for more than two months, since the recommended daily dose used in studies is 150 mg of Zinc daily.

Extended self medication with Pepto Bismol, can produce Bismuth toxicity and most of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Steven Sponaugle
The book makes a good case that zinc carnosine protects the stomach lining of people with ulcers. It follows that it would also protect the lining of other parts of the GI system, such as the esophagus. I got the book because of my concern for someone with Barrett's esophagus. He is now taking zinc carnosine (at the dose recommended by the author) twice a day. The author says to take it for only eight weeks, but what if one needs it indefinitely? I wish I had more information about zinc carnosine and Barrett's esophagus.
I bought this book to support all the research on the internet about solving the gastritis issues using zinc Carnosine. My stomach is soooo much better now. I also take Aloe Vera and Mastic too.
Somewhat hard to prove HOW MUCH this has helped my chronic stomach pain since I altered my diet for the better around the same time I started using this, but I believe it reduces the pain. I will stick with it.
This booklet is more or less a couple of chapters from "Ulcer Free!" by the same author. I would just get that instead as this one doesn't add anything to it and the latter is an excellent book on the subject.
Great little booklet, lots of information. Still there are lots of questions it does not answer.

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