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George McGovern




Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Random House Value Publishing (September 9, 1998)




Addiction and Recovery

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Terry by George McGovern

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Terry by George McGovern
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Terry by George McGovern
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Great Book. Must read book written by the father of a wonderful woman. Well
written, accurate, different that other books on this topic. Your life will be
Known for my negative reviews when products are sub-standard, or dare I say "accurate reviews
of products", my preference, with this book, would a
10 STAR option. Enough said, or written.
Gripping and poignant, I highly recommend this book if you want to learn more about the disease of alcoholism. A riveting read for those in recovery or struggling and a must read for families of alcoholics. How can such a beautiful person die alone in the snow? Because no alcoholic thinks it's going to happen to them when they take the first drink. Haunting and chilling, Terry is unforgettable.
This book was an incredible read. I was riveted from page one. Terry McGovern's death was such a senseless one. It serves to remind me that not all alcoholic deaths are due to cirrhosis(sp?) Alcohol can claim lives in the strangest of ways. Terry McGovern stumbled out of a bar and fell into a bank of snow, freezing to death. I still am shaken up when I think of this.

George McGovern is a great writer but I gave the book 4 stars because his belief that he could have somehow prevented his daughter's death is unfathomable to me. I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a child, it must be the most painful thing in the world. This book feels like a catharsis for his grief and he expresses a lot of irrational thinking in his dealing with it. I don't think there's anything he could have done differently to prevent Terry's death and prolong her life. I'm sure it's little consolation to her parents but Terry is at peace now. I pray the family has come to grips with this tragedy in some way in the 10 years since Terry's passing.
Interesting read. A perspective on just how intractable an addiction can be. One truly wonders how it could be that Terry's many attempts at recovery never materialized . It seems the author searched desperately for an answer to the "cause" of his daughter's drinking in her above-average childhood and the normal ups and downs of relationships she experienced, common to most young adults.
One is left with a lot of sad questions with no answers.
Many Americans suffer from alcoholism. In the privileged world of the U.S. Senate, kids are introduced to it far more easily than in other, more traditional and restrictive environments. The McGovern marriage is honestly and painfully examined, as the parents search for help, for understanding, of this daughter's problem. The realities of alcoholism are presented as truthfully as I've seen (and I have practiced in mental health services, with a recovering alcoholic staff at one time). Fine book. Not happy, but honest and imporrtant.
Excellent book. Should be required reading to remind people Addiction Is a Disease and All too Often Fatal! Do Not give up on your loved ones that are suffering. Educate yourself and Break the Cycle! Most often it is a FAMILY DISEASE that will destroy generation after generation due to addiction and Codependency.. a Must read. Great companion for LOVE FIRST.
This story holds a grip on me that I can't get over. Maybe I am like George McGovern myself in that I too can't explain what causes a beloved child in the family to grow up and self destruct. This story haunts me in that I am watching my own daughter at the age of 43 create similar suffering for every member of her family and friends who love her. I relate so strongly to the McGovern family on every page of this book, even to our own happy 50th wedding anniversary last year, that it frightens me based on Terry's tragic outcome just a year after the McGovern's celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. At the same time, I am so grateful for McGovern's advice as to what he would have done differently, especially in the last several months of Terry's life. I just bought several books for family members, and one to donate to a Milwaukee area hospital Women's Pavillion library that has every subject covered but alcoholism! This book documents one of the most heart rending accounts of alcohol addiction that I could ever imagine. Your tears may stain these pages, but Terry is continuing to help others, like me as she did in life through the courages words of her father.
I had an aunt that died of chronic alcoholism and related illnesses. I never knew her and apparently her illness was a big family secret. I always wondered why a person so young had died (32). I ordered her death record and found out the truth. At that time a drinking female would have been an embarrassment to the family. After reading about Terry I can understand how such an illness can affect the entire family. I applaud Senator McGovern for his truthful and thoughtful story of his daughter

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