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» » Getting Life in Perspective: A Fantastical Romance
Getting Life in Perspective: A Fantastical Romance


Toby Johnson


Getting Life in Perspective: A Fantastical Romance


Gay & Lesbian

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Lethe Press (January 15, 2008)




Literature and Fiction



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Getting Life in Perspective: A Fantastical Romance by Toby Johnson

When warned by his doctor to rest, Rick Carton, a jaded and disillusioned editor with a Boston publishing house, retires Texas hill country to write the novel he's always intended to. But Rick discovers he is not alone at the neglected old mansion. Two lovable, Topperesque apparitions from turn-of-the-century America haunt the sometimes-bewildered Rick as struggles to face the enormous problems of contemporary society as the 21st century is about to turn. This sweet historical romance has layers of gay spirituality woven throughout the romance and just a touch of the Twilight Zone.
If you are tired of gay romance novels that are filled with "need you", " want you", "&*#$ me", yet want a book with romance, this is the book for you. Cleverly written to take one down a path to examine, or re-examine their life and it's meaning in the big picture of the universe. This a book you can sink your mind into. It will make you happy, sometimes sad, sometimes anxious for the characters. You will not be disapointed.
boring story which should be interesting
A completely fun and thought provoking romp that manages to combine an interesting story within a story and a deeply philosophical message. There is something about Johnson's writing that I find strangely addictive.
This novel truly cuts across genres - spirituality, historical, romance, epic coming-of-age story. While some readers may be distracted by the romantic angle, there is a much deeper message - or messages - here, as the book touches upon a number of philosophical and spiritual questions and themes. The parallels across three time periods - the late 18th/early 19th century, the 1960s-70s and the present day - capture the enduring nature of these themes. Ultimately, this makes the book highly relate-able to the reader and in fact, as we discover at the end, it is romantic love which can allow people to access a higher spiritual plane. In this sense, the romantic aspect of the story doesn't just distract or entertain but actually adds meaning.

I've never read a book so difficult to categorize, but what I do know is that I found a lot of truth here, and I very much enjoyed reading it.
This delightful coming of age novel contrasts the joys, sorrows, ecstasy and disappointments experienced by its characters as they search for love and meaning in their lives. Cast as a story within the story we see in perspective the gay issues of the late 1800s contrasted with the same issues a century later. This gay positive story is infused with ground breaking ideas expressed by Joseph Campbell, Walter L. Williams , John Boswell and other gay friendly authors and thinkers. This book entertains as it informs with an engaging plot line, thought provoking philosophical ideas and just enough sex to pique our natural interest. Alex Beckham, narrator of this newly released audio edition, brings the characters to life significantly heightening the emotional impact of this book.

Philip C. Richardson, M.D.

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