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» » Learning Curve
Learning Curve


Rachel Spangler


Learning Curve


Gay & Lesbian

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Bold Strokes Books (January 2, 2008)




Science Fiction and Fantasy



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Learning Curve by Rachel Spangler

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Learning Curve by Rachel Spangler
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Learning Curve by Rachel Spangler
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Learning Curve by Rachel Spangler
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This is a tale of the hopelessly intertwined destinies of a trio and the lessons in store that will change all their lives. Ashton Clarke, a local Casanova, is content until she meets Carrie Fletcher, a women's studies professor who causes her to question the direction of her life.
I really enjoyed Learning Curve. Nice strong female characters. Tess, the struggling teenager, is a character a lot of women can relate to. I like the strong emphasis on the fact that the ' blue collar' worker has as much to offer to the relationship as the professor.
I thoroughly loved reading Learning Curve. Although
this is the Author's first book, I can imagine that
it wont be the last one that graces my bookshelves. The Author displays an honest and true talent.
Her (Spangler's) description of the camping weekend took me back to my days in the Girl Scouts and I could almost imagine myself putting the tents up and singing around the campfire. Very engaging and accurate.
I particularly liked the fact that Spangler used the elderly lesbian as
the protector of the younger, misunderstood Tess.
The fact that this 'matriach' of the lesbian community was living a
perceived, well respected life amoung a community where religious
prejudice and misunderstanding is prevelant, was a simple, yet
empowering twist. I jumped with glee as I imagined the realisation in
Tess' mother's eyes.
The character and relationship development were realistic, intricate
and kept me on the edge of my seat.
My warm, happy and cosy endorphines flowed freely while I read along.

Always fun to watch the wild beast be tamed. Add a smart ass teen to the mix and you just get an extra dynamic to a great story. I'm sure this will be one that I read again in the future.
This book interested me for wahile that completely lost me. I could tell the writer must be new because it was niot very detailed.
If you’re a fan of lesbian romance, and especially stories about players finding their one true love, you’ll want to read or listen to Learning Curve (and then everything else that Rachel Spangler has written, because she’s awesome!).
This book is amateurish. Word choices are poor and unimaginative and reminiscent of a school kid. Scenes are depicted as 'beautiful' without any meaningful description of the setting. There is no real depth to any of her characters, and their dialog is juvenile. A cardboard-cut-out of a book but with the substance of paper.
There was a lot to like about this book. Overall, it probably belongs in the same category as Fully Involved, or perhaps Heart 2 Heart, a couple of the most recent books I've read and reviewed. The writing isn't inspired, but it's solid. The characterizations are pretty strong, and the characters themselves are interesting and sympathetic, even with the inclusion of the bratty teenager. I wasn't bored with the book, and the tension created between the main characters sparked satisfyingly.

It was the transition between scenes where the book was at its roughest. Often it seemed like a string of solid scenes and experiences strung together by the flimsiest of phrasing or excuse for transition. This sometimes gave the emotional proceeding a herky-jerky feel, like a roller coaster, but not created intentionally through character drama, but rather the author jumping between scene transitions and character changes. And for all the drama of why Carrie was resisting her impulses, it all seemed to get cleared up in the end with neither a whimper nor a bang, but rather it just mysteriously disappeared, which was kind of annoying since it had been such a big deal all book long. This was cause for some reader mental whip-lash.

As a whole, I enjoyed reading this book, though. It was a very typical example of the average to above-average offering in this genre. There were scenes that evoked and captured true emotion. I enjoyed the fairly skillful weaving of support characters in with the drama and motivations of the main characters. I like it when they have good friends to confide in. I like the angst a character goes through as they try to change the perceptions everyone has had of them. I could have used a bit more consistency with motivations, and inspiration in the prose. But I will definitely check out further offerings from this author.
I found the characters likable and enjoyed a lot of nice humor popping up unexpectedly, particularly how awkward and clumsy Ash got when faced with a woman she likes.

It had some good angst and the dialogue was primarily pretty smooth. I did have issues with the consistency of the protagonists' issues, and one major hurdle that was never really resolved at all, but overall a sweet book that I definitely enjoyed.

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