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» » Cafe Racer: The Motorcycle: Featherbeds, clip-ons, rear-sets and the making of a ton-up boy
Cafe Racer: The Motorcycle: Featherbeds, clip-ons, rear-sets and the making of a ton-up boy


Mike Seate


Cafe Racer: The Motorcycle: Featherbeds, clip-ons, rear-sets and the making of a ton-up boy


Engineering & Transportation

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Parker House; First Edition edition (October 28, 2008)







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Cafe Racer: The Motorcycle: Featherbeds, clip-ons, rear-sets and the making of a ton-up boy by Mike Seate

A fascinating expose of the culture of the caf, racer - a motorcycle culture which emerged from WWII in the UK and the USA. Today, it's in the midst of a huge restrspective.
"Cafe Racer" is Mike Seate's best book to date. Instead of just random photos of choppers with no real link ( "Outlaw Choppers" ) this book is thoroughly researched, well written and cohesive. It will certainly be considered THE historical written document of the cafe racer phenomena. He smartly includes all types of bikes that are part of the history of the cafe racer and bikes that are part of the current scene. For instance, here in Detroit, the brand new Cafe Racer Ypsilanti is using many different mills to build some interesting caffs. Seate includes the Honda 750cc example as a bike being used for modern cafe racers, not limiting to only English bikes.

The layout is superb. The photos are great. Seate has really grown with this publication ( I purchased his early work "Two Wheels on Two Reels" and was sorely dissapointed and wrote a negative review )and every serious motorbike enthusiast should include this book in their collection. Well done.
Mike does a very good job pulling together historical information for this book, and adds a personal touch talking about his own café aspirations. I'm a café racer nut, so I eat up all the information I can get about this brief era in motorcycling that has now become quite popular here of late. I recommend this book for the library of anyone interested in the Rockers' café racer history.
Fast Lovebird
Photos and narrative are super historical record. Should be required reading for anyone riding or building cafe racer motorcycles--a good read.
The book was well written. I happen to like Mike's writing style so therefore enjoyed this book. Great period photos and good ideas for modern Cafes. Clearly a good text for someone who wishes to learn about these great machines and the people that have an affinity for them.
The "Japanese Motorcycle Wars" is a must read for the serious historian. Most motorcycle enthusiasts, however, would not wade through the details.
It's good to see more new material for this old subjet. I've enjoyed reading it and will recomended to my friends.
Fast service, excellent condition, fair price and the book is also an outstanding representation of the class. With superb photo's.
For a general overview of the cafe racer scene, this book was great. If you are looking to build one yourself, this book is not what you are looking for. Of course, if you are looking to build a cafe racer, doing it yourself and not from a book is the whole point.

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