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» » The Car Bodywork Repair Manual (A Foulis motoring book)
The Car Bodywork Repair Manual (A Foulis motoring book)


Lindsay Porter


The Car Bodywork Repair Manual (A Foulis motoring book)


Engineering & Transportation

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J H Haynes & Co Ltd; Revised edition (June 17, 1991)







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The Car Bodywork Repair Manual (A Foulis motoring book) by Lindsay Porter

studied auto body 25 years ago in college. always good to look back on old techniques. makes a good addition to my aging shop manuals. would buy from seller again, great transaction

I've bought this book trusting that Haynes publications were the best, but ... This book make me realize that they are not. Why i say so? Because this book is awful! It tryes to cover every aspect of bodywork, but, as a coompreensive book it lacks the detais needed for serious DIYers. For instance, at the pait section it simply doesn.t explain how to set up the spray pattern, how to move the pistol and other. really frustating book... i would not recommend.
This is more of a restoration book than just a book on preparing and painting a car body.
The section on welding equipment was especially useful to me. There are colour pictures of carburizing, neutral and oxidizing flames which I had always found confusing.
The painting section has useful information on paints, safety and common paint defects.
A very useful short series of photos is included on how to build a 'copy' mould for fibreglass parts.
The book is short but contains condensed information on almost everything a person restoring or painting a car will run into. Obviously, when you strip down a car for painting you will notice all the rusted areas and you will have to deal with them.
There are lots of good books out there with more detail on painting, welding and composites but I don't regret getting this book as I refer to it often. If you're just starting and need basic information for your project then this is a good buy but remember this is NOT a metalworking book. It won't teach you how to use an English wheel or weld aluminium if thats what you're after. There is information on these subjects in other books.
The Haynes Car Bodywork Repair manual is a refresher course for skilled bodyworkmen and essential for serious beginners. Although color pictures would improve the manual, the black and white photos are quite clear and reduce costs. I am 72 years old, quite skilled, and well read. As a proud American, I'm puzzled to so consistently find English publications so superior to American ones. This manual is one more example. It belongs in everyone's technical library.
I found this book very confusing and the sections just don't match together. There are better books out there for sure.

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