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» » Winged Escort (Bull's-eye)
Winged Escort (Bull's-eye)


Douglas Reeman


Winged Escort (Bull's-eye)


Education & Teaching

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Nelson Thornes Ltd; Simplified Ed edition (December 31, 2000)




Schools and Teaching



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Winged Escort (Bull's-eye) by Douglas Reeman

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Take this book on your weekend to the beach, cabin in the woods or someplace you'll be undisturbed for a day because once you get into it, you'll want to read/listen on through...

The book starts a tad slow as the author introduces the characters and sets up the subplot so the main story has extra gravitas. The main character is a fighter pilot sent to an escort carrier, the "Growler..." and from then on there is enough action to keep most adventure readers happy, but the author mixes in the initially inadvertent liaison with the senior officer's wife and from them on the campaigns, battles, setbacks and victories are on multiple levels. This is an exciting saga with more or less believable characters caught up in in desperate times and places.
This book is typical Reeman. We have our hero, a Royal Navy pilot, his adventures during WWII. In addition we have the RN senior officer out for himself and not caring who dies in the efforts to advance his career. There are also a less senior officer trying to protect his men, and a young women, married to the most senior officer, who falls in love with our hero. Action ranges from the North Atlantic to the Pacific. Anyone who has read any Reeman and enjoyed it, should enjoy this.
I started reading Douglas Reemans's books in the 1970's. I have always enjoyed them and have now found a new supply for them. If you like war stories I recommend these.
Reeman is great! He portrays the WWII's conflicted warrior in vivid detail! You should read the book, today without fail,
One of Mr Reeman's stories that I enjoy more than the others, but all his stories are good. A worthwhile buy.
Longitude Temporary
very well written and being available on line via Amazon Kimble makes all reading through this mediam very worth while
Very good but at times the writing is stilted and the dialogue jumps.
Enjoyed it immensely

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