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» » Trick Training for Cats: Smart Fun with the Clicker (Bringing You Closer)
Trick Training for Cats: Smart Fun with the Clicker (Bringing You Closer)


Christine Hauschild


Trick Training for Cats: Smart Fun with the Clicker (Bringing You Closer)


Crafts, Hobbies & Home

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Cadmos Publishing (June 1, 2011)




Pets and Animal Care



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Trick Training for Cats: Smart Fun with the Clicker (Bringing You Closer) by Christine Hauschild

The perfect resource to nurture the talents and relieve the boredom of your tame little tiger
I really liked this book. It helped me to understand the whole clicker process and it list all the steps very thoroughly. It gives a lot of different tricks to try with your cat and it also is great that you can make up and know how to teach other tricks that you think of.
I have a smart kitty who thrives on physical activity and likes praise. This book was really helpful for starting to train her. I had a set of clickers, but one of the first things this book teaches is that you don’t need them. Clucking your tongue means that you can “click and reward” anywhere, and hands free. I don’t know if our success is because of my bright kitten or the book, but she will already jump through a hoop. If I could figure out a set up for her to jump over, she’d probably be able to do that too. She’s still too small to jump over my leg like they show in the book. The book has tons of helpful pictures. I would recommend it to folks who like following recipes when they cook, for this is also like a recipe book for cat training. It has lots of ideas and specific instructions.
This book helped me learn to communicate with my cats in a clear way that is fun for both them and me. My cats both learned the high five and the sit pretty as well as to come to the target when asked to. They both excel at different things and this book had good suggestions for things I could do with them that worked with their natural talents. It's well written by a person who has a good heart toward animals and I really appreciated this as a resource for understanding clicker training. Recommended.
What a great book! I have numerous books and DVD's on clicker training but this book is amazing. The instructions are incredibly methodical. The pictures extremely helpful. I have always enjoyed Karen Pryor's material but this book is so much more advanced in its explanations and detailed instructions. It does such a fine job at explaining the material that you just can't miss becoming a clicker expert in no time at all :)
If I could buy only one book on clicker training this would be it! Highly recommended!
Author give you detailed steps to take to become a clicker training expert. I started with a 3 month old kitten and she learned quickly.
Great book - my older cat (maine coon) has learned in a very short time (2 weeks), to do several tricks! Amazing and well written. Thank you
I bought this for my granddaughter who's 8 and wants to teach her cat tricks. She loves it!
bought this as a joke for my cat loving friend...I'm sure it works...I'm just glad to keep mine off the counters!
Price and service as always was really good.

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