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» » The Ultimate Book of Mastiff Breeds
The Ultimate Book of Mastiff Breeds


Douglas Oliff


The Ultimate Book of Mastiff Breeds


Crafts, Hobbies & Home

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*Howell Book House; 1 edition (May 4, 1999)




Pets and Animal Care



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The Ultimate Book of Mastiff Breeds by Douglas Oliff

The time-honored Mastiff breeds constitute a cornerstone of the purebred family, and this splendid book provides an in-depth understanding of these dogs, their common bonds, their differences and what makes the Mastiff types so special. This remarkable compilation features the expertise of some of the world's leading authorities on the Bullmastiff, the Mastiff, the Neapolitan Mastiff, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog, the Dogue de Bordeaux, the Mastin Espanol, the Mastin Pirenos, the Tibetan Mastiff and the Fila Brasiliero. The advice given here on appropriate training methods, nutrition, health care and other husbandry issues is peerless, as is the gallery of 200 color photos showing these valiant dogs at their best. A Howell Dog Book of Disctinction
Nice standard overview of all mastiffs
Good book !!
I expected it to be in better condition based on how it was described and the cost of the book
I was specifically looking for a book on Old English Mastiff's and there was not any information about the Old English.
I liked this book for the vast amount of pictures that it had to offer. I was amazed to see the many different types of Mastiff's that there were. If you are trying to decide on the type that you are wanting, or if you want to know more on the different types, this would be the book for you. It comes with a brief history of each breed, along with discriptin of each. It doesn't go into great detail about health problems that Mastiff's have to deal with, so I would recommend that once you have decided to purchase a Mastiff of your own, that you buy a book also specifically for your type breed. This is my coffee table book. It comes out every time guest's are at my house.
This is a great book. I think that the way that the information is delivered is fantastic. A couple of dings however: 1) I didn't see any warnings against a feeding puppy food or anyother high protein diet. It might of been in the book, but I didn't catch it.
2) Left out other mastiff breeds like Great Dane (Deutche (sp?) Dog), Newfoundland, Great Pyr, and Saint Bernard (Alpine Mastiff), Berenese (sp?) Mountain Dog and Great Swiss Mountain Dog & Dogo Argentino (sp?). Although many breeds are derived from the mastiffs, I believe that these are definitely dogs that are Mastiffs and should be described as such.
Other than these minor beefs - a great book!
I have always ben interested in mastiffs,this was the first publication that I have purchased,and I was pleased with its different approach to mastiff keeping.
The only fault that I could find was on adivising people not to take in a rescued Neo,which I found to be ill founded from my own personal experience with this wonderful breed.
Overall a well written book,with personal expereinces,which made it funny at times. Although I do wish that there were books that covered bloodlines with pictures covering five generations at least.
I was delighted to discover this new book, and even more delighted to find that it contained information not only about my particular breed, but an insight into the less well known Mastiff Breeds, like the Pyrenian Mastiff, and Spanish Mastiff, with more that it's fair share of good quality photographs.This is a book which will take pride of place upon my (ever expanding) bookshelf, alongside some other K9 classics.Highly recommended. -Andy Briggs-Sobarna Tibetan Mastiffs-England

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