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» » Straight-Ahead Organic: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Great Vegetables in a Less-Than-Perfect World
Straight-Ahead Organic: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Great Vegetables in a Less-Than-Perfect World


Shepherd Ogden


Straight-Ahead Organic: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Great Vegetables in a Less-Than-Perfect World


Crafts, Hobbies & Home

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Chelsea Green Pub Co; Subsequent edition (March 1, 1999)




Gardening and Landscape Design



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Straight-Ahead Organic: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Great Vegetables in a Less-Than-Perfect World by Shepherd Ogden

Accessible enough for beginning gardeners or aspiring converts to the organic gospel, "Straight Abead Organic" pulls no punches in providing both a wealth of advice for gardening successfully and a compelling rationale for gardening naturally. Shep Ogden and his wife Ellen have made their living as organic market gardeners, and more recently co-founded the influential direct-mail seed company Cook's Garden. Commencing with design and site considerations, covering tools and soild care as well as seeding and planting techniques, and culminating in an extraordinarily useful comprehensive guide to growing nearly 50 types of vegetables and herbs, including advice on the best varieties for your circumstances, "Straight-Ahead Organic" promises to be indispensible--a book that will spend far more time off your shelf than on it.
At last! An instruction journal for us 'Organic Nerds'! And in plain, understandable terminology. When it is advertised as covering 50 years of gardening (the right way) experience, you can take that to the bank! It was a revelation to read that some of the concepts I had been using for years, actually have merit. I knew they had worked for me, but it is always nice to be validated. If you can only purchase one gardening manual, this is the one to buy. It covers everything and because the methods are tried and true, you can feel confident following Ogdens' suggestions. I can remember when, years ago, neighbors thought me barmy for directly composting kitchen waste(sans meat products). I am vindicated!
This quickly became my most-used gardening book. I love it! If you are growing vegetables in Zone 5 in the Vermont/New Hampshire area, it will be especially relevant.
My favorite sections:
Cover crop advice and chart
Sections with practical details on growing popular vegetables
Composting advice
Rotation and succession plans
Buidance on building your soil
This book is very sound in terms of its perspective on "sustainable agriculture" and it contains excellent practical advice about gardening specifics.
Another master work from the master organic gardener! Shepherd Ogden has done it again. I have had the pleasure to meet Mr. Ogden and his wonderful family in the picturesque community of Langrove VT. Upon travelling north one summer we decided to seek out this man and his garden. It is an "earthly delight!" The property is an organic gardner's dream. We were fortunate enough to find Mr. Ogden (who insisted we call him Shepherd) at home.....out in the garden...hands in the soil...practicing his craft....which he makes an art! His lovely wife Ellen was also there, preparing a heavenly salad of succulent greens and vegetables from the family plot. Mrs Ogden who is an accomplished writer in her own right ; adds knowledge and grace to all that she endeavors. Her recipes have added tasty ideas to our menu! Shepherd Ogden's other books including Step by Step Organic Vegetable Gardening and Flower Gardening create a veritable encyclopedia and home guide to the organic gardening enthusiast. The addition of "Straight Ahead....." keeps the resource shelf well stocked.... "Straight Ahead....." is a great book for the novice gardener or the master.... There will always be space on my gardening bookshelf for another Ogden book. Shepherd Ogden comes from sturdy VT stock. We were introduced to this through the memory of his Grandfather "Big Sam" Ogden. Who wrote the organic gardening "bible" and had it republished in the early 1970's.
One of the main reasons that our family purchases these books is that we feel that through ....Shepherd's...forward's and intros to his books ....we are part of his "organic gardening family".... We highly recommend this and Mr Ogden's other books. Also we purchase most of our seeds from the Ogden's seed business "The Cook's Garden."
An excellent offering by master organic gardener, forward thinking and practical minded Shepherd Ogden. This book covers all of the basics in an accessable way and would be of value to both new and experienced organic gardeners. More than a how-to book - this is a reference book that will become filled with compost enhanced thumbprints from my frequent use. I rate is 5 stars and a must have for anyone serious about their gardening library. This book is a workhorse for sure. It also would make a wonderful gift to anyone who yearns to go the organic way.

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