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» » Feng Shui Made Easy: Designing Your Life with the Ancient Art of Placement
Feng Shui Made Easy: Designing Your Life with the Ancient Art of Placement


William Spear


Feng Shui Made Easy: Designing Your Life with the Ancient Art of Placement


Crafts, Hobbies & Home

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HarperOne; 1st edition (October 19, 1995)




Home Improvement and Design



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Feng Shui Made Easy: Designing Your Life with the Ancient Art of Placement by William Spear

Did you know that you can improve your love life by moving your bed? Or enhance your wealth by rearranging your office? Or even deflect bad luck with convex mirrors? Chinese philosophers have understood geomancy (the art of placement) for more than two thousand years-and architects like I. M. Pei, businesses like Virgin Airways, and real estate moguls like Donald Trump are listening.

Integrating interior design with the I Ching, feng shui (pronounced fung-schway) harmonizes our external and internal environments by creating balanced, peaceful dwellings in which we can develop health and happiness. its powerful secrets have been closely guarded for centuries-and what has been written tends to be mystifying and impractical. But reading Feng Shui Mode Easy is like having an expert visit your own home or office. William Spear is a sought-after consultant in the field-and with specific case studies, as well as fifty drawings that clearly demonstrate the subtle energy flow principles of the art of placement, he shows you how to easily apply the wisdom of geomancy to everyday living. "Feng Shui Mode Easy tells you more than just how to rearrange your furniture, it tells you how to change your life." Home Shui Home!

After reading and looking through many Feng Shui books, this still remains my go-to. I am looking at a house to remodel right now and my current copy of this is packed, so I am buying another copy (I think it is my third copy). What I remember liking about it is that it has both a right and left brain approach to Feng Shui and would appeal to both kinds of thinkers. Right brain in that it validates intuition and often gives a "why" as to when "something doesn't feel right" with a space. Left brain in that mathematically Feng Shui can be related back to magic squares.

This is an easy to understand and a manageable-sized book giving a thoughtful approach to Feng Shui that is more in depth than the silly "purple for good-fortune" charts you can find on most blogs. This touches on form, compass, and aspiration schools in a very easy to understand way without weighing one down with full-on flying star. It gives practical examples of quick fixes, but then also describes some of the philosophy. I am doing this review by memory of the book having not read it for about 5 years. I remember after investing a lot of money in many other Feng Shui books at the time, coming back to this one--my first Feng Shui book purchase--again and again. The other books were either too simple, as if geared toward 2nd grade reading level/attention span or too hard, as if for a doctorate student. This one is just right at its high-school reading level. Compared to the large text-book sizes of most Feng Shui books, the smaller size is nice, too. An interesting observation I just realized: the cover shows that the author (and/or designer) understands much about color and frequency.

I can't wait to get my third copy, revisit applications, and then gift it to a friend when I unearth my second copy.
I purchased Feng Shui Made Easy by William Spear because Karen Kingston, of whom I am an avid fan, named this book as her preferred reference for gaining further understanding of feng shui. I found this book to be excellent. In essence, both William Spear and Karen Kingston advocate that if one gets started and cleans out all the clutter in one's home and/or workplace, keeping only what is necessary to use and the items you love for any reason, and if one physically cleans one's home and/or workplace, there will then most probably be a natural flow into more order, purpose and effectiveness in one's life. I especially like the fact that William Spear is very aware of the differences in cultures, family traditions and personalities and so encourages us to follow our intuition, rather than any superstition, in the practice of feng shui in our home and/or workplace.
Quick shipping, product as described. Great book with wonderfully easy to understand information.
Excellent book. A light read but full of helpful information
I've always been reading and trying Feng Shui. This book has made it easier for me. Nice looking book..
I had the old edition and gave it away, I love the update even more.
Engaging and easy-to-understand read! The text is set up in such a way to naturally encourage readers to reflect on when, where, and why the principles of Feng Shui manifest in their lives.
Brilliant and thoughtful. Very usable. You can start with this but if you know nothing about the subject you might enjoy Terah Collins' "The Western Guide to Feng Shui" then follow with this.

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