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» » Jamie at Home : Cook Your Way to the Good Life
Jamie at Home : Cook Your Way to the Good Life


Jamie Oliver


Jamie at Home : Cook Your Way to the Good Life


Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Penguin Books; Tv Tie-in edition (2007)





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Jamie at Home : Cook Your Way to the Good Life by Jamie Oliver

This book is very close to my heart. It's about no-nonsense, simple cooking with great flavours all year round. When I began writing it, I didn't really know what recipes I would come up with, but something began to inspire me very quickly... my vegetable patch! I came to realise last year that it's not always about looking
I threw it in the garbage/trash/rubbish bin, literally! This purchase was a total waste of my money. I liked Jamie's cook show "Jamie at Home" and I have always enjoyed his hearty stews, roasts and soups. However, this book was merely a bunch of fancy paper, colorful pictures, and Jamie's philosophy (like his philosophy on chicken eggs.) Why would I want to know how he grows veggies in England while I live in Canada? I was hoping for some REAL day to day recipes! Nope, no such luck. If you are considering to purchase this cookbook, well, consider some more.
Fantastic book From Jamie Oliver!!!! I have been putting his organic farming lessons to good use and am proud to say that I have my first real garden! I love the way he is sooo passionate about his garden and even gives you the dirt on the secret love affair he is having with it behind his wife's back! haha :)

I see that another reviewer didn't like the dead rabbit picture or other game pictures in the book which is interesting because it shows just how far removed we are from the food that we eat. Jamie is trying to change this by getting you closer to what you are putting into your body by using the freshest of ingredients in a seasonal way (that includes fresh meat). The book itself is set up in seasons and has a wonderful variety of offerings for each. (However; if you did happed to catch the Jamie at Home show on the Food Network you will already have seen the majority of these recipes).
They are fantastic recipes though, and I do use them very often. Some cookbooks I buy and they quickly become dust collectors. This one however; is permanently open!

I do highly suggest this book to anyone who cares about good cooking in a fun way and wants to learn a trick or two about organic gardening. It really has helped me reconnect with food in a way that eludes most Americans today. And please...get over the rabbit pics, let me just clue you in to the fact that your fish and chicken don't actually hatch with little Styrofoam containers around them perfectly filleted and ready to cook! Buon Appetito
Great book if you are interested in scratch cooking using fresh ingredients throughout the seasons. I have found a number of go to meals for each season that I now know by heart. One thing I love about Jamie's style is his constant sense of encouragement. Basically he says to add more of something if you like it or take something away if you don't but to experiment and excite your palate. The book reads easily and has a lot of asides that Jamie uses to help you grow the ingredients on your own or to find them. For those familiar with Jamie it is like he is reading it to you and you can hear his voice with each recipe and explanation. If you like Jamie I recommend this highly.
This isn't just a cookbook; it's a way of healthy living. Jamie Oliver talks about growing his own garden... really getting his hands dirty and understanding the different seasons of fruit and vegetation. He not only gives recipes per season (what's fresh and available each season), but also gives gardening tips and advice to help you with your own organic garden. My husband and I have red thumbs (and kill every plant we grow), but it's really nice to see a holistic view of eating, growing, nurturing and sharing.

Plus, his book is well-designed, simple and clean, but beautiful (especially the food photography, which is in color). My husband and I can't wait to go through his book and cook through the seasons with our fresh, farmer's market-bought food!
I think Jamie writes best when he writes for ordinary people cooking at home. This book draws heavily on his own home cooking, and it contains many fine recipes. This is real food for folks looking for real food.
Arrived on time from seller and in excellent condition. Colorful photos and well written. My issue was with the publisher and manufacturer of the book. I had only used it once and when I grabbed it off the counter, the front cover separated from the binding. I realized what I did and stopped it from getting worse. Too bad the book is not bound well. I like the recipes though.
We really enjoyed watching Jamie Oliver on TV especially his series where he goes out to his garden, picks whatever's in season and then does a whole show about that crop like Potatoes or Squash etc. This book is the paper version of that show. He talks about his garden, how he plants and grows the particular plant so you can grow your own then takes you through how to cook and prepare and and many dishes you can make with this fruit or veg. We have a few of Jamie's books and this one is by far our favorite.
This is one of my favorite cookbooks.

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