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» » The Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook
The Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook


Michael Cook,Patricia Stevenson


The Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook


Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Book Pub Co; Revised edition (April 1, 2002)




Special Diet



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The Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook by Michael Cook,Patricia Stevenson

There are an estimated 16 million people with diabetes in the United States, almost 6% of the population. If you have diabetes, following a vegetarian diet can provide you with many health advantages which may reduce the risk of developing complications of diabetes later in life. This new edition is full of up-to-date nutritional information, including: health benefits of a vegetarian diet, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, exercise, dealing with stress, meeting nutrient needs, cooking, shopping tips, menu planning, and more. These new and updated recipes are both delicious and healthful.
crazy mashine
After friends convinced me that a vegetarian diet would help my diabetes I bought this book, Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook, and began to follow it's recipes. I gained 38 lbs before I gave it up. The recipes are loaded with carbohydrates - exactly what a diabetic should not be eating. My salvation was in finding the book, Bernstein's Diabetic Solution, that taught me to eat large amounts of fat, medium amount of proteins (including meat), and very minimal carbs. I generally stay under 35 grams of carbs a day, an amount exceeded by some single recipes in Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook. I have been on the Bernstein diet for 27 months and my weight has dropped 50 lbs, my use of insulin is cut in half, my lipid panels are wonderful and in every way I am getting better (except I have to buy some smaller waist-size pants. My A1c reading is down to 5.0
you secret
Expeected more from this cookbook. Receipes fell flat in creativity and variety. Not worth the purchase. Would advise searching through other cookbooks with this title before even considering.
This cookbook has many great recipes that are healthy whole food recipes. It's great for keeping carbs under control while enjoying delicious meals
The book came quickly and was in great shape. Anyone who has diabetes needs to get this book for their road to health.
All information I wanted and more . Not only great recipes but much information on how different foods affect diabetes . Highly recommend reading .
A good book but not as much information as I had hoped for on constructing a meal plan.
Recipes I like and love easy instructions .This book was simply marvelous, and would definitely recommend to all my friends.
Be aware that this collection is all vegetarian, making heavy use of a variety of soy products. The description is a bit misleading, and neglects to emphasize this. I've made one extremely disappointing recipe, and doubt I'll be tempted to try much else.

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