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» » Mastering SQL Server Profiler
Mastering SQL Server Profiler


Brad McGehee


Mastering SQL Server Profiler


Computers & Technology

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Simple Talk Publishing (March 20, 2009)




Databases and Big Data



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Mastering SQL Server Profiler by Brad McGehee

SQL Server Profiler is one of the most useful of SQL Server's "built-in" tools, recording data about various SQL Server events. "Mastering SQL Server Profiler" will make it easier for you to learn how to use Profiler, analyze the data it provides, and to take full advantage of its potential for troubleshooting SQL Server problems. All the examples have been optimized to work with both SQL Server 2005 and 2008.
If you have decades of experience in Sql Server, and taken hands-on admin courses, skip this book. You don't need it. If you haven't mastered trace yet, you never will.

IF, on the other hand, you are responsible for Sql boxes at work, and know in your heart you are not well-versed in troubleshooting issues (outside of the old Microsoft holdover "Reboot and Pray") then buy this book, spend a weekend reading and practicing, and you'll have locked down the skills on the most important tool in the Sql toolbox.

I found this title by accident (a Amazon hint on another title's page). I ordered it overnight and consumed it. Excellent written style. Easy to read. Solid coverage on a software tool.

Profiler is actually just a GUI wrapped around Trace. The book specifically covers the GUI (Profiler) and provides enough filler information to perform Trace through Stored Procedures. There is no real information on the SMO API, which is what Profiler uses (it's just a .NET SMO consumer).

This book was written for SS 2005, and 2008 has added several features that extend Trace's abilities. Once you read this book, you'll be prepared for the new features of 2008.

If you find this title useful, then I would also suggest another title from the same publisher. Grant Fritchey's "Execution Plans" book builds on Brad's book and helps you move from "Reactive Mode" to "Proactive Mode" in dealing with query analysis. Together, they make a DBA good at what he does.
A single, comprehensive (and well-written) resource from one of the best!

I've read dozens of SQL Server books over the years, including many about Profiler. Although most were helpful for getting started, they didn't cover enough information to really understand the best ways to use this complex and powerful tool.

Brad McGehee's book delivers on the promise of its title - after reading it, you'll feel like you are truly on your way to mastery. It combines a wealth of knowledge with best practice advice, gleaned from real-world experience. He provides a good balance of introductory concepts and advanced topics that can be quickly digested, uses screen shots to add clarity, and shares tips and techniques to use Profiler more effectively. Most important, Brad's writing style is organized, logical, progressive, engaging and easy to understand. No more slugging through heavy technical documentation to pick out the few worthwhile nuggets.

In my opinion, Brad McGehee is one of the most effective authors of technical SQL Server literature. His commitment to raising the skill level and performance of DBAs is admirable...and appreciated!

I recommend this book to all SQL professionals looking to master this difficult subject...and save countless hours of effort in the process.
Read the Microsoft help files for free instead. This book is "How to select xyz columns" rather than "WHY to select xyz columns"

The author lost me at, "While you may be wary of working on a production instance, you need not be. Most of what we will do with Profiler will have minimal performance impact and can't hurt your production instance."

Actually, running Profiler in production is a really bad idea, unless you have an exemption from the business and are doing it for a short defined period.
Run it in a Test environment, and learn how to simulate load.
Well written and complete. I love books by Simple Talk

There are various other books by same publication which are equally good.
im guessing the other reviewers are friends of the author because this book is not very good. First of all, most of the book is regurgitation of ms help file on profiler. There is very little if any insight into using profiler. its all statements about terminology and where to click to do what in profiler. its stuff you can figure out quite quickly. Why he dumbed down this book so much for someone with loads of dba experience is a mystery. The title of the book should be something like intro to using sql profiler for people who know jack about sql/sqlserver.

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