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» » The Necessity of an Enemy: How the Battle You Face Is Your Best Opportunity
The Necessity of an Enemy: How the Battle You Face Is Your Best Opportunity


Ron Carpenter Jr.,Tim Lundeen


The Necessity of an Enemy: How the Battle You Face Is Your Best Opportunity


Christian Books & Bibles

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Oasis Audio; Unabridged edition (July 1, 2012)




Christian Living

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The Necessity of an Enemy: How the Battle You Face Is Your Best Opportunity by Ron Carpenter Jr.,Tim Lundeen

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”— Jesus. Congratulations! Your Goliath has arrived. Enemies often seem to get in the way of our plans, leaving us discouraged and disoriented. But what if these obstacles are a part of God’s plans for us? Our enemies—whether our weaknesses, circumstances, deep-seated sins, other people, or any other challenge—can become our stepstool to new breakthroughs in life, if we leverage the opportunity. Just as David’s encounter with Goliath transformed him from a delivery boy to a national hero, our enemies can be a blessing in disguise—if only we recognize and face them head-on. Human nature tells us to flee our enemies, but Ron Carpenter will challenge you to embrace them. In The Necessity of an Enemy, Ron shares engaging insights like: • God intended for every enemy to be your footstool for promotion. • If you want to be No. 1, you can’t just beat No. 9. • The depth of your battle gives you insight into the greatness of the potential God put in you, and an enemy is your key to unlocking that potential. • All battles are fought over your future, not over your past or present circumstances. Are you ready to reach your next goal in life? Do you want biblically based wisdom to help defeat every enemy and move with confidence to your destiny? The Necessity of an Enemy will give you the tools to change your perspective—and find meaning and purpose in all of life’s trials.

I have been following Ron Carpenter, Jr for a while now as a preacher watching the TV broadcasts from his church each week. I like him because he tells it like it is. He just gets down where you live and is real. I decided to buy this book he had written and it's just like you are hearing him talk to you as if he was sitting/standing right there. He has a very special "God-Gift" to make you feel like he sincerely wants to help and guide you into a deeper relation with God. Wait until you read about the drunk on the porch playing Hank Williams Jr songs that he came to visit one day - hilarious! - but real. Anyway, if you like being talked to at eye level and not down to, then you will enjoy this book, and I am sure you will get something out of it to help you understand the trials in life that we all must face.
interactive man
Living the Christian life is exhilarating. It's practical.It's for real. It's a daily battle for Jesus said "watch and Pray". Peter said " Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion whom resist steadfast in the faith. (the Word) . Paul said "put on the whole armour".
My brother Ron says it as it is. I'm 82 years young on fire for the Lord . Have you herad the song "I'm on the battle field for my Lord,I promised Him that I will serve Him till I die I'm on the battle field for the Lord" he old timers will remember. Anyway if I lived in So Carolina I'll be a member of Pastor Rons church. Read the book, put a smile on your face and with Gods armour face the enemy. Our savior defeated him and He in us is greator then he that is in the world. I recommend this book highly for young and old. Our battle is till Christ comes for His bride or till Christ calls us home. John 14 God bless you as you carry your cross because for sure there's a crown waiting for you .
Pastor David Gutierrez 323 7122827
I have lot count how many copies of this book I have bought and shared. People have come back to me so emotional wishing they had read it years ago. It certainly helped me understand the craziness in this world we temporarily live in.
This was a very interesting perspective. The author sort to make the reader aware that if you are destined for greatness you will go through great trial. Your ministry will be birthed through your pain. What I thought was so profound was the reason for the test. People normally say that when we are going through a test it is because God is trying to teach us a lesson. However, the test measures what you already know. So the teacher is silent during the test and does not allow anyone to talk to you because this is not a collaborative effort. This forces you to focus on the test. Wow! this is true in the natural so it follows that it would be true in the spirit also. An enemy forces us to focus on what we know to be true. This book was written in bite size chunks making it easy to digest. Persecution follows prosperity so get ready. Girt up your loins, put on the whole armour and read this book to prepare you for what is to come.
Mitars Riders
I can't say enough how well Ron Carpenter has impacted my life, and my perspective on life. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, practically, and systematically, he gets down to the nitty gritty of how life really works behind the scenes, and how to actually perceive the world around you in a light of truth, so that you can take the appropriate steps that will actually result in visible change in your life. Ron seeks the full truth above his own agendas, and truly wants to bring the Kingdom to fruition in our so-chaotic world where no one seems to know what's what anymore. This is a great book, and his church teachings are even better. He's a true Apostle and teacher that wants to see his students grow by example, not just by words.
I have struggled, like everyone has, a lot of my life. I couldn't understand WHY on many occasions. This book brought to life WHY God lets us go through these struggles. When I bought this book, I was looking for SOMETHING to make me understand the whats and whys. I know the Bible is where I need to be. But some times, I need to know others have struggles also, and wanted to know how they handle these, and what I was doing wrong (or not). This book gave me hope (and LOTS of scriptures to go along with it). Ron Carpenter has been a BLESSING to so many, and today I can honestly say I am one of them. THANK YOU Sir for sharing your life struggles. And teaching ME how to handle them better. And showing me where to go..
Skunk Black
I am so glad I got to read this book. It turned out to be an excellent book with a message that I definitely needed to hear.

I was unsure if I would benefit from this book. After all, I don't really have any enemies, not in the human form anyway. But i do at times battle addiction, fear, anxiety, depression... would this book help me understand God's purpose for our own internal struggles?

The answer is yes. Anything you face - any person, any struggle, any weakness - may feel like an enemy. But sometimes your enemy is your best opportunity. ALL things work together for good! God may use an enemy to bring about your great purpose & destiny. But it is all worth it in the end!

Life can be hard. It seems like we have barely made it through one battle, when we're facing another. But this book is a great encouragement & testimony to the fact that God is with us & sees us face our enemies. He knows, and it isn't him punishing or being angry with us! He is actually just using these trials to promote us to the next level.

I think this book was well-written. I also liked how it was broken down into short chapters. It made it seem like an easier read that way! Ron Carpenter used personal examples, too, which was very helpful in knowing that He has been through some HARD TIMES as a pastor but that God truly brought him through it!

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