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» » The children's Bible in 365 stories
The children's Bible in 365 stories


Mary Batchelor


The children's Bible in 365 stories


Christian Books & Bibles

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Lion Pub; 1st edition (1985)




Bible Study and Reference



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The children's Bible in 365 stories by Mary Batchelor

An illustrated collection of 365 stories retold from the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.
This book of Bible stories is appropriate for children and adolescents 6-12, but I don't like interpretive versions of Bible stories. Having read a few stories I quickly realized that the stories aren't consistent with the KJV, which is the standard for all subsequent Bible versions. These stories are more of an interpretive version of classic Bible stories. So, it was returned in favor of the Golden Children's Bible, which provides a classic and traditional version of the stories. So, recommend you pass on this one and get the other.
I love how it includes almost every story. We read from our children's story bible every night, and it's nice to have a better overview of the bible and not repeat the same 30 stories to them every night. I think they did a good job using some discretion in which stories to include. They included Jael and the tent peg from Judges, but left out the story about the concubine. The only issue I have with this book, is they took, in my opinion, some unnecessary liberties. The worst one is that they must have decided it was confusing for children to understand God changing Abram's name to Abraham. So, they just call him Abraham the whole time. They also include some inferred emotional reactions from the characters in the story. I don't mind too much. I think they were likely correct in most cases, and it makes the story come alive to the kids better, but it's not entirely theologically accurate.
I am very pleased with this children's Bible. My grandparents got me this Bible in 1988 and my mother read it to me each night. I have read this to my first three kids over and over and over again and now that I'm pregnant with 4th and my original copy is falling apart I decided I ought to get a new copy. So glad I did, wish I had done so earlier to preserve the one I got from my grandparents. In my opinion it includes just enough of the stories, but perfect length for nightly reading. A word of caution: some illustrations are a bit too graphic (i.e. when Abraham almost sacrifices Isaac, it shows him holding knife above him).
Great Bible Story Book...My 2 grandsons ages 5 and 6 really enjoy the stories...I think they are great because they get to the main subject and tell the story beautifully...
Well-told stories. Easy for children to understand. Sticks to the Bible concepts better than some Bible-story books.
bought one for all my grandkids and had one for my kids when they were young, Its a great kids bible, fast delivery
I bought this for my 7 and 8 years old. It has many other bible stories the other bible story books didn't have. I learn a lot from it too even from the stories i know already because this bible story book elaborate the stories in a more understandable way. I gain new understandings from the way the stories are told. I highly recommend it for adults as well that are seeking to gain new understanding of the Word of God. I pray the Holy Spirit of God will minister new understanding to you as you read it. God Bless You
I am a mother of three boys ranging from teen to preschooler. This book is great because the stories are not so long that that the youngest loses interest, but long enough bring out the major biblical concepts for the older two. The stories are in chronological order and parallel very well with the KJV Holy Bible. There are also little tabs underneath each heading to let you know exactly where in the bible the stories are found. The text is age appropriate and the stories flow very nicely. The illustrations are nice as well. My children have been reading this book a little over a month now. Once they start reading, they want to read story after story. It makes sense to them, and that is the most important factor for me.

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