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» » Word Gets Around (Christian Fiction Series)
Word Gets Around (Christian Fiction Series)


Lisa Wingate


Word Gets Around (Christian Fiction Series)


Christian Books & Bibles

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Center Point Pub; Large Print edition (April 1, 2009)




Literature and Fiction

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Word Gets Around (Christian Fiction Series) by Lisa Wingate

Lauren Eldridge had avoided returning home to Daily, Texas, until one day, her father admits that he's in over his head. Paying back an old favor, he's invested in a horse that's supposed to be the star of a new Hollywood movie. But the horse won't behave -- and Lauren is the best trainer in the state. Convinced to return, she soon finds more than she bargained for when the movie's screenwriter turns out to be leading-man handsome.

This movie may be Nate Heath's last shot at turning his career around. Though he doesn't have high hopes at first, the town of Daily may be just what he needs to find hope, healing -- and maybe even a little more.

I absolutely love Lisa Wingate’s novels! I started with Tending Roses and have read and enjoyed each and every one of her books.

I enjoy Lisa’s writing style, character development, unique story lines and the fact that there is always personal growth, reconciliation and redemption in her novels. Lisa always finds an interesting premise, location or historical reference that leads me to do further research on the topic presented. I also like that her books are written in series which gives me an opportunity to get to know the characters better as the story lines develop and to see how they are progressing or what they are up to once they aren’t the focal point of the current story.

While I don’t always like the personalities of the characters (I’m sure that’s Lisa’s intent) at the onset, I do grow to love them and understand and appreciate their individual challenges and personalities as the story unfolds. I have sometimes felt uncomfortable as I was being taught lessons I needed to learn about how others might be challenged or struggling in their lives and the scenarios are realistic enough that you can certainly apply them to real life situations. At the end of the book, I am always loath to leave them and feel as if they are real people that I’ve grown to know and care about.

I have been inspired by Lisa’s wisdom, challenged to become a better person, laughed, cried and fallen in love with the people and localities she writes about.

I feel I am a better person for having read these books and always appreciate the measure of grace she brings to her writing. Each book leaves a great impression on me and my heart is full for a long time after the last page is turned.

It is important to me that Lisa somehow manages to do all of this without feeling the need to use graphic language or sex scenes as I do not find that these add anything to a story.

Don’t think that her books aren’t entertaining! Lisa adds wit to go along with the wisdom! There is always a little bit of romance, too!

I hope you will take the time to pick up one of Lisa’s books. You won’t be disappointed.
I started with "Talk of the Town", the first book based in Daily Texas. This book, "Word gets around", is the second one, and is sort of a continuation, but it is not a sequel. The main characters are new, but the side characters reappear. I thought this book was far better than "Talk of the Town", which I already thought was really fun and good. "Word gets around" has a much more believable romance than TTOT, the characters are even funnier, with a bit of sad stuff thrown in that made me tear up. I really enjoyed it. I was looking on amazon for some fluffy "Christian Romance" books, and my expectations were not very high, so I was really pleasantly surprised to find that Lisa Wingate can actually write! Her characters are well developed and just really funny.

OK, the plot was a little thin, and although it's billed as a "Christian Romance", it's not really a "Christian" book. Some of the characters are Christian, and others think about God a bit, but the Christian part seems incidental. I suppose it falls in the Christian section because it's a "G-rated" book. In spite of all that, it was an enjoyable read and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a quick, light, read without sacrificing writing quality.
I got the first book for free, and I should have known that with a Lisa Wingate, the next logical thing would be to buy all the books in the series. That's exactly what happened.

This second book is a continuation of what happened after Amber Anderson won second place in American Megastar. The focus this time is on Lauren Eldridge, who came back to Daily two years after a tragedy had her leaving town. As in the first book, the story is told from the points of view of Lauren, and a visitor to Daily, Nate Heath.

Again, this did not disappoint. There was just enough drama, wholesome romance, family, community, gospel. A very easy and light read, filled with a balance of comic, inspiration, and a bundle of life lessons.
Tired of today's news headlines? Want some chuckles in your life? If so, meet the colorful Texas folk who populate this town. Embrace these sometimes quirky Southern characters and enjoy the ride.
This was literally the best book I've read in a long time. I was so sorry it ended. It was even better than the first and I'm thrilled that I have the 3rd in the series to read now. I'd buy any book written by Lisa Wingate. The sweetness of the story and the depth of characters created a world of feelings and emotions that will stay with me a good long time.
So much truth in this Christian romance. Finding the true romance in this life in relationship with God, family and friends, and with ourselves. So many beautiful and fun stories, struggles and laughs. The "family barbecue" was funny in the preparation stage. Delightful and engrossing tale.
This was a decent book, but not great. I read a little bit of everything but especially enjoy romance and historical romance. I greatly respect authors who try to write in the Christian fiction and Christian romance genre. It's nice that the Christian element is there without being preachy. This book held my interest, but didn't compel me to keep coming back to it. I have read many books over the years and I'm sorry I can't quite put my finger on why this book was just "so so" for me. I wonder if other Lisa Wingate books would be better?
I am from Texas and this book shows our hospitality. Everyone that go to Daily, TX end up loving the people there. Their hospitality is prime examples of our small towns.I am also a Christian and this book shows what God is able to do in people's lives. I would definitely recommend this book to family and friends.

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