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» » True Devotion (Uncommon Heroes, Book 1)
True Devotion (Uncommon Heroes, Book 1)


Dee Henderson


True Devotion (Uncommon Heroes, Book 1)


Christian Books & Bibles

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Multnomah Books; First Edition edition (June 1, 2000)




Literature and Fiction



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True Devotion (Uncommon Heroes, Book 1) by Dee Henderson

Kelly Jacobs watched with pride as her husband, Nick, triumphed in his demanding SEALs military training. When he dies on a mission three years later, she is wounded to the soul -- yet copes with the determination of a SEAL's wife; bracing herself to keep going despite the loss. In return, Nick's comrades watch over Kelly as part of their family. Joe Baker had been leading the team when Nick was killed. He takes the loss especially hard: Nick had led him to Christ and was his best friend. When Nick dies, Joe suffers survivor's guilt. He takes care of Kelly and plans to find her a new husband. He figures he owes her that -- he just hadn't counted on falling in love with her. As Kelly struggles to move on and Joe is torn between loyalty to Nick and love for Kelly, God provides surprising answers to their dilemmas and reveals the beauty of the truth that "a friend loves at all times."
Dee took her time to properly develop her characters, waiting for you (the reader) to catch up and get with the program... I enjoyed how this couple gently evolved from a dedicated friendship to a loving Christian friendship without passionate and unnecessary, detailed, sex scenes. I am an 84 year old ex-Navy man that took my boot at SDNTC in San Diego back in the dark days of mid March 1951. As I was Nebraska born, San Diego in March was a blessing compared to Nebraska wanting to hold on to winter. Your descriptions were delightful and bought back so many good memories (Painless Nell wasn't even that bad and it was Johnny that went first so very brace and then passed out in the chair). She just finished my tat and then woke him up to finish his with a smile on both our faces (Nell & myself). Your storyline was a very good one and very possible with the definite pluses being your character development first and then quickly the plot. Thank you, and readers I don't need to say this because I know you will... Enjoy!!!
I enjoy Dee Henderson's books, and I found this book to be as good as her other books. If you have read other Dee Henderson's books, she follows a similar pattern of book development in this one, but she does have a good grasp of character development, suspense, and plot development to keep the reader going to the very end. She delves into an area that an average person does not experience unless he or she has been connected to the military career and life. She paints a picture of what a military life could look like and the struggles men and women face when military is involved. It is a good read.
Full of suspense followed with intrigue, espionage, danger. faith, struggles, and a love story. Characters are strong with lots of tenacity and a very strong storyline. Difficult to put book down.
I can understand why this book has so many 5 star reviews. It is well written, but for me did not quite hit the spot to warrant such a high rating.

This is a strange book sitting in its own genre. It isn't particularly technical, nor full of romance. It's not a good political or suspense novel. It isn't full of intrigue.

It is quite good for Christian fiction. I found it character driven and I did care about the heroine, even when she behaved out of character (like how she goes on and on about how desperate she is to have kids, and then changes her mind about its importance).

The antagonist was bizarre. He was completely unbelievable. The plot was incredibly obvious and Disneyesque.

Having said all that, I stuck with the book. If you are looking for Christian fiction that is a little bit exciting, without anything shocking or racy - then this is for you! I would happily let my daughter read this and I love the moral aspect of the book.

If you are looking for well- researched military fiction for women, then give it a miss.

I would recommend Dee Henderson to my Christian friends who like romance and don't read Tom Clancy. The ending felt a little rushed and unbelievable, but overall I am pleased to have read this book.
The Uncommon Heroes series have a satisfying blend of action and romance to keep the reader on the edge of his seat. I listened to cassette tapes of two of these books while taking a long trip with my husband. After reaching our destination, we stayed in the car to listen to the ending! Great job, Mrs. Henderson!
Excellent choice of books; #1 of a 4 book series; I read this before before & was looking forward to owning the full set for myself (a birthday present to myself). Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time (yes, even though I was re-reading & knew what happened). Dee Henderson is one of my most favorite authors. I really look forward to purchasing more of her books.

These are not books for young children who can't understand tough situations.
This was the first of 4 books and immediately you are captured in the story you struggle along with Kelly as she is trying to rescue this young man in the Ocean and Bear and his SEAL Team searching to rescue them both .. from there is just goes into such Love and compassion you become one with the characters, this book lets you know ALWAYS " GOD IS OUR REFUGE " ..:) trust me you wont be able to put it down till your done ..
This is the first time I've read a book about the military. I really enjoyed it! It had great character development. Love, fear, happiness and betrayal were all included. Check it out!

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